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I’m going to be honest with all of you…

…and I’m telling you this in confidence. So don’t tell anyone else!

But up until today, I wasn’t very excited about college football. I will admit it. I know it’s coming up and every one and their mother is excited for college football. I just haven’t been feeling it. I don’t know what it is.

However, that all changed today…

I just finished work and decided to goof around on YouTube. I stumbled upon the preview of a fantastic documentary that I own, Out of the Blue.

I watched the preview. It was amazing… just like I remembered it being the first time I watched it. I then saw that you could watch the entire film on YouTube. I decided to click on it and watch a little of the beginning and maybe some of my favorite parts towards the end.

Watching the beginning turned into watching the WHOLE thing. It sucked me in like a vacuum.

For those of you who have never seen it, it follows Boise State through the 2005-2006 college football season with ultimately ends with their against the odds victory against powerhouse Oklahoma.

The movie covers the entire season and every little story that affected the team or players along the way. It’s incredible. If you have a chance, please take time out to watch this documentary. I believe it’s the greatest documentary I have ever watched. Check it out.

Here is the preview to Out of the Blue:

Here is the entire movie, Out of the Blue:

Watching this film had me reliving that Fiesta Bowl game and every time I watch it, I always wonder, will Boise State over come the odds win?

…And then I remember, “DUH! This ALREADY happened, you idiot!”


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