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There are some pretty ridiculous inventions in the world. The telephone, the lightbulb, the iPod. All of these are prime examples of ridiculous inventions the world could probably do without. It’s ridiculous that people waste their time and energy thinking up contraptions like this. However, there is one invention that has recently been developed that deserves all the credit in the world.

Allow me to introduce to you the TV Hat! Now you can watch TV secluded in the comfort of your own hat. Nevermind the fact that the hat looks like it came straight from Scotty Smalls’ closet, this is the future of entertainment. I dare you to watch this video and TRY not to go directly to their website to order at least two online. In fact, I double dog dare you.

In all seriousness, how did this product get a patent?! This is absolutely ridiculous. If I saw someone in public with one of these things, I would make fun of them so much and not even feel bad about it. You know why? Because they wouldn’t see or hear me making fun of them.

The couple in bed in this video are more than likely getting a divorce. Why? Because that is the only logical reason I would ever assume a man buying one of these to use right before bed instead of making love to his wife.

And how about the guy that is “stuck in a long commute?” I sure as heck hope he is in the backseat and not driving while wearing this hideous piece of fashion and technology. Of course, it might even be worse if he is sitting in the backseat. I’d be pissed if I was giving some guy a ride and he put that thing on his head. Heck, I’d be pissed if I knew some guy who owned that thing.

Moral Of This Post: For the betterment of America, please do not purchase this product. I hope they go under faster than Enron.


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