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Moneyball Update

Michael Lewis, author of The Blind Side, which actually was turned into a hit movie starring Sandra Bullock, who actually did quite well in her role and won an Oscar, wrote another book called Moneyball: The Art Of Winning An Unfair Game. (That was a long sentence.)

Moneyball is a book about the Oakland A’s, their general manager Billy Beane and his sabermetric approach to assembling a competitive baseball team despite their disadvantaged revenue system. And with all great books, the uncreative writers in Tinsel town adapt these into screenplays (as opposed to coming up with their own material). Well, luckily for us sports fans, this is a good book to adapt.

I’m not sure about you, but I am extremely excited about this movie. And it’s not only because Brad Pitt has been cast to play Billy Beane.

Ok, fine. It is only because Brad Pitt is playing the lead in this movie. But there are other things about this movie that look to be cool.

Well, I haven’t read the book so I don’t know. But I’ve heard it’s really good!

However, I don’t want to be quick to judge since the movie is still in production. But funnyman Jonah Hill has been casted into this movie. القمار Which, I will admit, I’m excited about. الرهان على مباريات كرة القدم However, he is casted to play Paul DePodesta, the Oakland A’s assistant GM at the time. The reason I am taken aback by this is because the two look nothing alike. That would be like hiring Tracy Morgan to play Dr. Phil in a movie. The surprising thing is, they had comedian Demitri Martin originally cast to play DePodesta, which is still a bit of a long shot, but at least they look a little bit alike.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this isn’t going to be one of our Look Alike posts that we release every Tuesday. This would maybe work if, in real life, Paul DePodesta ate Billy Beane. Then they would look a little more like each other.

Anyway, it was reported that both Pitt and Hill were on set on July 12th. Meaning, this movie is getting underway and is set for a release date in 2011. My guess would be in the summer in the heat of baseball season. Philip Seymour Hoffman is also cast for the movie to play the role of Art Howe, Oakland’s manager at the time.

As I stated earlier, I am very excited for this film for a couple of reasons:

  1. I have a man crush on Brad Pitt
  2. I love baseball
  3. I love when books are adapted into movies so I don’t have to read the book
  4. No homo to number 1.

Here are a few films from July 12th on set:

Here is a picture of Brad Pitt reading something.
Here is a picture of Jonah Hill standing around on set.
Here is another picture of Jonah Hill standing around on set. Only this picture is closer.
Here is a picture through a window of Brad Pitt in a room.

This picture is of Jonah Hill talking to someone.

Alright, a lot of these pictures are of the same thing pretty much, but it’s still cool that they are filming this movie. Did I mention that I’m excited for it? لعبة poker


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