Misled by Sports

Today I found out the coach of the Boston Celtics, is not actually a Doctor. This may come as a surprise to many of you considering the coach’s name is Doc Rivers.

So if you’re having a heart attack on an airplane and you ask for a Doctor and this guy shows up. The only thing he can do to help, is give you pointers on your jump shot.

Something else to know, Karl Malone, was not a legitimate mailman.

If you handed him your mail, he would just hand it back to you. If you said something along the lines of, “Hey, how does it feel to be the only group in America that has their steering wheel on the passenger side of the car?” He would probably just whisper something so quietly that you wouldn’t be able to understand. If you try to get him to just hold the package you are trying to mail and make him guess how much it weighs so you can more accurately assess how much postage to put, he won’t help at all.

Have you ever heard LeBron James referred to as King James? Well, do NOT be fooled. He did NOT write the Bible. He does NOT out rank Prince William or Prince Harry.

You might think that Magic Johnson would be next on my list of nickname Myth Busters, but this is one that I need to explain. Magic Johnson got his nickname for actually being magical. He was a warlock before it was cool to be a warlock.*

Now that I am beginning to realize that I am not the only person that is confused by some of these sports nicknames, I will continue to debunk them as I find new ones. This can be a confusing thing and I am here to help, as usual. Don’t worry.

* – If you are struggling to understand that it’s cool to be magic, then please refer to Harry Potter.**

** – If you are a nervous Christian parent that’s like, “Erin, don’t talk about magic because that leads kids to creepy magic stuff,”  (Mom, this is not a direct jab, but you did use to love Bewitched.)

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