Mike Wazowsky?


I have seen your recent questions about a couple of different Mike’s.  I am doing all of you a favor by bringing this common mixup to light.  You do not want to be the girl that accidentally starts quoting a Pixar movie when you are hanging with the guys while they’re talking about the new number one most winning coach for Division 1 Basketball.

Mike Krzyzewski is not the same person as Mike Wazowsky.

You may already know Mike Wazowsky:

He only has one eye. Although, that doesn’t slow him down. He considers himself light on his feet, but is normally picked last for pickup basketball games. You will see him cracking jokes to make kids laugh, but you will probably not see him running drills including lay ups and rebounds. Now, he does have a really tall sidekick, but he is really tall which usually equates to being really bad at freethrows. Both Mike’s have a great sense of humor and look extra handsome in a dark suit.

Meet Mike Krzyzewski:

Handsome. Successful. Goes by Coach K. Two Eyes. People that don’t like Duke Basketball, like Coach K. He could run for President and North Carolina fans would probably still vote for him. He has a face that even Movember can’t phase.  He can’t help that he is now the NUMBER ONE MOST WINNING COACH in the ENTIRE WORLD. Okay, don’t say that, but if you throw out the words, number one most winning coach in division one basketball, then people will take notice.

So even those these two share a first name and a Polish upbringing with smiles that light up rooms, that is where the similarities slow down. Being able to chit chat about America’s Coach will earn you sports respect. And who doesn’t need that after accidentally quoting a few unrecognizable lines from an underrated Pixar film, right?

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