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Mike Singletary Is Crazy

Tonight the San Francisco 49ers host the New Orleans Saints for what is previewed to be the worst Monday Night Football match-up in recent years. The Saints are a fun team to watch, but the Niners? Really?

We’re talking about a team who put up only 6 points against Pete Carroll’s Seahawks team last week. And Pete Carroll isn’t even a good NFL head coach. I’m sure the guy whose idea it was to put the 49ers on a prime time game is now fired.

Long story short, the 49ers are a bad football team.

Although, you wouldn’t want to tell that to head coach Mike Singletary. In fact, don’t talk to Mike about anything but the New Orleans Saints this week. Mainly, because last week Yahoo! Sports posted an article about how Mike and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye are at odds about quarterback Alex Smith and that Raye may be on the outs. The article also discussed how much of a little kid name, Raye has.

OK, the article didn’t talk about that last thing, but isn’t it so true. The guy’s name is Jimmy Raye. That’s like naming someone Billy Dilly. I just imagine Jimmy Raye sitting in the booth doing his OC duties while licking an over-sized lollipop and wearing one of those spinny hats.

However, don’t bring this article up with Mike Singletary, because “HE’S NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT A DAD-GUM YAHOO! COMMERCIAL!”

I’m as utterly confused by that comment as you are. However, the one thing that I am clear about is that Mike Singletary is crazy. Then again, Dennis O’Donnell might be crazier… for trying to actually interview Mike.

Poor guy, he gets verbally neutered on television by the Niners head coach. This interview gets as awkward as a Cub Scouts leader who doesn’t have any kids in Scouts. Watch below, Dennis O’Donnell’s last interview with Mike Singletary ever.


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