Mighty Ducks 4: Life Off the Ice – Part VI

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The Locker Room

We open on a packed ice arena/cantina. The air is electric and the tamale vendors are making record sales. The camera pans over the excited audience and then fades into the visiting team’s locker room.

The Ducks are suiting up. Their gear is old and worn, but their hearts are stronger than ever. Well, except for Charlie Conway Jr.’s.

Charlie Conway Sr. walks over to the middle of the room. He begins to speak.

Charlie: “Well Ducks, this is it, our last game. Sure, the past few 20 years haven’t been great for most of us, but now we have one last chance to do something great. One last chance to be heroes, to be more than the losers we are and will be when we go back home to our stupid, pathetic, complacent lives…

Everybody starts getting uncomfortable as Charlie Jr. listens, horrified by what his father is saying…

Charlie: “…I mean, uh, our normal, and sometimes kind of fun lives back home.  We have a chance to give back to the man that gave us so much of himself….

Charlie looks over at Coach Bombay, but he’s not there?

Charlie: “…Where’s Coach?”

Just then, Coach Bombay bursts through the door in full hockey gear, almost toppling over. We hear a studio audience applause track and coach smiles and winks into the camera. The rest of the team looks at each other and around the room, confused. He walks over to the group.

Coach: “Sorry fellas, I got lost in the cantina. I guess you could say I got, cantine-lost”

a laugh track plays for the first time in the entire movie and Coach looks into the camera and winks, again.

Coach: “Say fellas, where’s Julie?”

Where IS Julie…? The team looks around for a second, unsure of what to say when right on cue, Julie walks thru the locker room door. There’s more studio audience applause tracks.

Julie “The Cat” Gafney: “Sorry guys, those tomales gave me the squirts.”

Another laugh track plays and Julie looks right into the camera and winks. Nobody knows what to do or say.

Just then, there’s a pounding knock on the door. Charlie cautiously walks over and opens is. Standing there is a cryptic old Mexican man in a referee’s outfit.

Cryptic Old Man: “It is time…”

The old man leaves and the door closes behind him. Charlie looks over at his team.

Charlie: “Ducks, let’s get one more win for coach.”

The crowd cheers and they all exit the locker room and line up in the hallway leading to the ice. We can see the rink from their perspective. The arena full of rowdy fans yelling for American blood. It all comes down to this. One final chance to save Rosa, one last chance to be American heroes…

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