Meyer To Go Soul Searching

With the breaking news that came yesterday regarding Florida head coach Urban Meyer’s decision to retire, many of us couldn’t help but to think back to this time last year when Urban Meyer announced his retirement.  Well, that announcement was called off within 24 hours when he changed his plans and decided to take a leave of absence instead of calling it off for good.

Everyone is asking the same question- With the controversy surrounding him, should Cam Newton win the Heisman?  But they are also asking why Urban Meyer is struggling with his decision to retire.  There are countless rumors flooding message boards, but Korked Bats can only take 2 of them seriously.  Educate yourself-

Meyer is modeling his behavior after his favorite NFL player- This is one of the more popular theories floating around the inter-webs.  This one started with Meyer while he was hanging out with some of his current players.  He noticed that so many of his players’ behavior is modeled after their favorite players. Carlos Dunlap is a huge Dante Stallworth fan, which led him to his arrest for driving while intoxicated.  John Brantley’s favorite player is Alex Smith, which led to him being in and out of the roster, and throwing an ungodly amount of interceptions. كيف تربح في لعبة الروليت   I know what you’re thinking “what does this have to do with Urban Meyer? 1xbet عربي  ” Well, Urban Meyer is a long time Brett Farve fan.  Meyer is showing behavior patterns almost identical to Favre. تعليم لعبة البوكر   For his second year in a row, Meyer is announcing his retirement.  For obvious reasons this theory is fueling the fire for psychologist looking to prove the impact that professional athletes have on not only children, but adults.

Once you go Tebow, you don’t go back- It is very easy to see Meyer is not the same coach, or person, with out his beloved Tim Tebow.  Even Meyer’s wife has reached out to the Bronco’s wild-cat specialist.  After trying out multiple psychologists, they have all agreed on his problem and are using a popular analogy: Once you experience Tim Tebow he leaves a hole in your heart. People will try to fit lots of different things into that hole, but the hole is in a perfect Tim Tebow shape.  Anything short of Tim Tebowing returning to your life, and filling the hole in your heart, will leave you dissatisfied.

Some people are choosing to believe Meyer’s reason to retire- so that he can spend more time with his family.  But let me remind you, he coaches in the SEC, where scandal reigns supreme and no one is honest.

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