Marlins Man At Other Major Events

If you’ve watched just about any Kansas City Royals Postseason game this October, you’ve probably seen him. He’s the guy who sits in the front row, directly behind home plate (sometimes next to Tech N9ne) wearing a Marlins jersey and visor. Why is he wearing a Marlins jersey and visor? No one knows. But he has been deemed Marlins Man by many.

It only makes sense he was at the Steve Bartman game, since the Cubs were actually playing the Marlins. But how did he get the Marlins new jersey back in 2003?

Steve Bartman with Marlins Guy

• • •

He floats like a butterfly (to literally every major sports event), and stings like a bee.

Muhammad Ali with Marlins Man

• • •

“If you build it, he will come…”

Field of Dreams with Marlins Guy

• • •

Guess everyone was too focused on Katherine Webb to notice Marlins Man sitting right next to her.

Kat Webb with Marlins Man

• • •

How the heck did he get front-row seats at Woodstock?!

Woodstock with Marlins Man

• • •

OMG! He was there when Smalls hit his step dad’s Baby Ruthie ball into the yard of the Beast…

Sandlot with Marlins Man

• • •

What?! And he was there when Benny The Jet stole home?!

Benny The Jet with Marlins Man

 • • •

Bet Marlins Man was there when Jesus fed the masses with fish and bread too. Marlins Man loves fish.

Last Supper with Marlins Man

 • • •

Not only was he invited to watch the big game in Jerry Jones’ suite, but he was sitting front-row there too.

Jerry Jones Box with Marlins Man

• • •

It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught a band to play… wait… is that Marlins Man?

Sgt Pepper with Marlins Man

• • •

I guess this is how he gets to all of the major sporting events.

Matt McConaughey with Marlins Man

• • •

“Today, I consider myself the luckiest fan on the face of the earth.”

Gehrig Speech with Marlins Guy

• • •

You might also recognize him as the guy who goes to Marlins games.

Marlins Game with Marlins Man


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