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Over the past three days, I have done an extensive amount of traveling and have visited five major metropolitan areas.  While most people on a trip like this will visit local attractions or eat the local cuisines, I have spent most of my time in the passenger seat of a Mazda Sedan… Jealous? Due to this large amount of travel, I have also listened to a large amount of Sports Talk Radio and have really come to realize that most people that call in to these radio shows have very little sports knowledge. On Monday, a caller was stating that LeBron would win this year’s playoffs. On Tuesday, a caller stated that the Red Sox would claim the Wild Card spot. And just this afternoon, someone said that the 49ers would make it to the Super Bowl. سباق الخيل Although none of these are going to happen, the callers all were so confident that they even added this statement:

“Mark My Words.”

This is may seem like a very simple statement, but it is usually the person making it that is the very simple one. This overly confident guy guy wants all of his friends to go to their desk, find a pen and paper, write down an exact quote, type those notes up, print them off, laminate a copy, and then post in a public place. That is WAY too much work!

I wasn’t being serious, but I am just stating that I hate the statement “Mark My Words” because 99% of the time that person ends up eating them (<– Play on Words). And in honor of all these “well-informed” fans that know everything about sports, I thought I would also post some other recent “well-informed” athletes that told the sports world to Mark THEIR Words.

Sam Cassell

The Milwaukee Bucks guard made a guarantee in 2002 that his team would beat the Detroit Pistons. It was the final game of the season and if the Bucks won, they would receive the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Result: Obviously inspired by their “star guard,” the Bucks lost a very close game… by 34 points. They failed to make the playoffs and have become one of the most inconsistent teams of the 2000s.  Maybe they should’ve listened to Ray Allen that year. بوكر اون لاين حقيقي

Hollywood Henderson

The Cowboys linebacker was known for his glamorous lifestyle and his hilarious quotes. When the Cowboys made it to Super Bowl XXIII vs. Terry Bradshaw and the Steelers, Hollywood told reporters that Bradshaw was so dumb that he couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the “C” and the “A.”

Result: Apparently Bradshaw didn’t need the first two letters… all he need was a “T” and a “D.” Bradshaw threw four of them and also learned how to spell M-V-P.

Nick Saban

Promise #1: “I guarantee that I will be the LSU coach next year.”

Result: Accepted position as the Miami Dolphin’s Head Coach.

Promise #2: “I guarantee that I will be the Dolphin’s coach next season.”

Result: Accepted position as the University of Alabama’s Head Coach

Promise #3: “I guarantee that I will be Alabama’s coach next year.”

Result: To be announced…

Courtney Paris

Most of our readers won’t remember Courtney because she was an NCAA women’s basketball player. But they will always remember her guarantee: If the Sooners don’t win a 2009 National Championship, she would return her basketball scholarship. موقع العرب

Result: Getting knocked out in the Elite 8 and losing 4 years of scholarship money… and setting women’s basketball down yet another peg.

Korked Bats

Yeah, we made a promise too.  We guaranteed that we would be totally awesome, totally hilarious, and that we would make your lives better every weekday and at least once on the weekends.

Result: Your Welcome.

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