Let’s All Give Thanks

Apparently in my short time here at Korked Bats, I have been appointed the “Holiday Chair” or something. I wrote a post for Austin’s Birfday, Veterans Day, and now I get the Thanksgiving Day post. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to receive Boxing Day, Groundhog Day, Arbor Day, and Festivus… Wait, those aren’t real holidays.

Since this is Thanksgiving morning and apparently we are supposed to talk about all the cool things that happened to us in 2009, I would like to tell you guys what I, Chip, give thanks for this year (Besides you, of course):

In just a few hours, 8 children under 5 and about 15 other family members that act like they are 5 will be at my house. I love my Redneck/Crazy/National Lampoon’s family and I have to give thanks for all the awesome new stories I get after every wedding, graduation, and Christmas holidays.
I thought about putting my friends here… So I did. Vince Young and I have been BFFs ever since our days at UT. Although we went to different UT’s, our friendship knows no limitations. Also Chris Johnson’s sweet tourette’s syndrome keeps Bironas, Finnegan, and me laughing for hours. I love you guys!
The John Wall Dance
Little did we know that this #1 rated recruit could pull off such sweet dance moves with just his hand. Thank you sir for making this a better country.
Trash Talk
Being a Tennessee Fan, this has definitely become something to give thanks for this year. Sure Lane Kiffin is one of the most hated coaches in America, but his elegant way with words finally put our football team back on the map. Also, I should probably give thanks for H1N1, since that was apparently the only reason that Florida played so bad against us. Good one Urban!
I guess we have to give thanks to the dark arts this year, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened. Nah, I’m just playing. I just want to give thanks to magic because for some reason I have always loved magic tricks and I finally learned how to do some this year. I’ll show them to you, but I will never tell you how. A magician never shares his secrets. That’s why he always chooses ‘dare’.

ESPN + SEC = Love
The days of waking up on Saturday only to find that Northwestern is playing Indiana are finally gone. Now we get to see Tim Tebow 20 times more an hour and we can hear Kirk Hirbstriet talk about how much more awesome Ohio State is than Alabama. Oh yeah, we also get to watch real football teams play.

Well guys, I am about to go eat my body weight in turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends how awesome they are. I hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

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