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After thousands and thousands of emails written, I was finally able to get Nike to come out with a high-top retro basketball shoe with a poorly photoshopped image of Michael Jackson crouched down unathletically wearing pants and long sleeves in a defensive position as Michael Jordan dribbles casually in front of him.

They are $49.90 can can be purchased here.

Tiger plays Phil in ping pong each year after the Ryder Cup.

The above photo was Tweeted out by Rory McIlroy yesterday and shows Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson playing ping pong (or ‘table tennis’ if you’re unAmerican like Rory McIlroy). This isn’t really all that funny but poses an interesting idea. Why don’t they come out with a professional sports league where pro athletes (preferably rivals or top notch players) compete with one another in sports they aren’t known for? It may sound far fetched, but I know I’d watch it. Just imagine, Manning vs. Brady in a soccer shootout, LeBron vs. Kobe in gymnastics, or even Mark Lemke vs. قواعد لعبة بوكر Jeff Blouser in a slam dunk contest on an 8 foot goal.

The possibilities are endless.

P.S. While I was browsing through Rory McIlroy’s Tweets, I found one from yesterday that says:

“What a week!! Think I’m still drunk! Jaegerbombs out of the Ryder cup! Great banter with euros and Americans last night!”

So there you have it. Rory got lit up on some Jaeger that caused him to remain drunk for several days during which he was lucky enough to enjoy ‘great banter’ with the boys.

This picture qualifies as ridiculous.

What’s the most interesting part of this picture? Is it the fact the photographer was able to time his shot so perfectly he was able to capture the ball just as it left Tiger’s club? Is it the guy in blue signaling “touchdown”? or is in the sheer focus of all the people with their eyes locked on the ball arranged like a page out of Where’s Waldo? No fool! It’s that Middle-Eastern on the right side with a small kitten on his upper lip smoking a cigar and making the best face I’ve seen in a while. That’s the most interesting part. تعلم بوكر Who is that guy? Who is he there with? Does he really look like that?

Joe Maddon is an innovator.

We have seen the whole “black out” or “white out” the crowd movement grow a lot here recently. No matter how many times you see a team do it, it’s still always a neat thing to see. Well, Rays Manager Joe Maddon had the brilliant idea to “plaid out” Tropicana Field for their current playoff series. He asks all 349 Rays fans to wear plaid saying, “Real men wear plaid. Come on out in your plaids — that would be awesome. To have this ballpark plaided out would be very cool.” Joe Maddon is good for baseball and I wish more managers showcased a hint of personality like he and Carlos Guillen do.

Watch this breaking news story.

Please try and watch that without thinking about how wasteful the time you spend watching it is. Of all the insignificant news stories I’ve seen in my past, NOTHING compares to the irrelevancy of this golden nugget of a video. ربح المال من لعب الالعاب

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