Let Me Be Frank With You…

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Don’t play football at Kansas.

In an attempt to achieve the title of “Most Annoying School To Play Football For”, new Jayhawk head coach Turner Gill has implemented two middle school field trip-esque rules for his football team. مراهنات المباريات

1. No cell phones the day before game day.

2. No being with girls after 10 p.m.

Now, the first rule is kind of…wait, no…well, I can sort of see why rule two is…NO, they are both unfathomably juvenile and should lead to a steep drop in recruiting for years to come.

Will Hill needs to get hit by a car.

Don’t you pay attention to the score of the game. I think it was a typo or something. Also, don’t pay attention to the announcer calling the play not a catch (because it was later ruled a catch, and a very good one at that, thank you very much). However, how about Florida’s Will Hill just absolutely pulverizing that poor guy in the wheelchair and then standing over him in what appears to be a bit of trash talking? He then mocks the guy by extending his hand to help the guy up only to pull away roughly 0.02 seconds later in a “haha, gotcha” kind of way.

OK, I may be exaggerating a bit, but come on! At least help the guy up! I bet Will Hill hates puppies, too.

Here’s another reason to hate Bill Belichick.

Aside from Lane Kiffin, who coaching aside, is obviously everyone’s most hated human on planet earth, Bill Belichick is about as unlikable as they come as far as coaches. His personality is less exciting than Ben Stein’s and you’d be lucky to see him change facial expressions twice in one season. Add that to the fact he cheats. And then add all that to the fact he cuts the sleeves off all of his sweatshirts. Who does that? Well, apparently Bill just has a phobia of sleeves and an obsession with being the least fashionable man in all of football. He also HATES getting his nose sunburned.

Don’t Mess With The Cowboys.

If you remember, earlier in the year Cowboys rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry his teammate’s pads in a “rookie hazing” type of situation. Bryant caught a bunch of heat from the organization and its fans as a result. Well, it’s safe to say they got him back, to the tune of a $54,896 dinner tab. That’s no fun. But that’s also not the major point here. What baffles my mind beyond comprehension is how on earth do roughly 75 people (assuming the coaching staff was there) spend ,986 on dinner? افضل كازينو اون لاين A conservative 15% tip on that bill comes out to $8,234.40. For the sake of all people who work hard for their money, I really hope the actual tip was nowhere near this amount. Moral of the story: NEVER invite Phil Fulmer and Rosie O’Donnell to dinner again.

Wanna know how to tell when a city doesn’t need a baseball team?

The Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in baseball, record wise. At 94-63, they are in a tight battle with the New York Yankees for the American League Eastern Division crown. ربح المال Fan attendance shouldn’t be an issue right? Well it is, and after superstars Evan Longoria and David Price spoke out about their recent game attended by 12,000 people, the Rays’ front office decided to give away 20,000 tickets to Wednesday night’s game against the Orioles for free.


I will be very interested to see if fans are able to pack the stadium tonight. If not, I will start my petition to bring the team to Nashville (my current city of residence). Actually I won’t because I don’t watch baseball, but still. Come on people of Tampa Bay! It’s not like your football team is taking all the attention in that town.

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