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This is one way to ‘be on fire’ in sports.

In a story almost too bizarre to believe, a golfer caused a 12 acre wildfire at Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine, CA over the weekend. No, he wasn’t smoking. And no, it wasn’t because he was playing so well. The Fire Department says the fire was started when the man accidentally struck a rock while attempting to hit his ball out of the rough (sounds about like me playing golf). As we learned from Bill Nye The Science Guy, sometimes when metal strikes rock, sparks are created. Well, that happened. And 200 firefighters and over 7 hours later, the fire was out. Talk about ‘that guy‘.

This is getting ridiculous.

The popular shampoo brand Head & Shoulders has insured Troy Polamalu’s hair for, get ready, $1 million. I personally cannot wait for a nice handful to be yanked out during a game causing a 10 minute delay as 7 trash bags are filled with disgustingly long, black, curly hair. What is the purpose behind having so much hair? Especially when you play sports for a living. At least he can wash it. Do all these players with dreadlocks and cornrows just not wash their hair after practice/games? Because doesn’t that mess it up? I’m obviously not an expert so if you have one of these delicate hair-dos please let us all in on your secret to not smelling like Tony Siragusa’s jock strap 24/7. Thanks.

We are Penn State.

And our mascot passes out drunk in truck beds! At least this isn’t as bad as the college football player we talked about last week who passed out naked in a random woman’s upstairs office. Actually, if he was wearing his costume at the time, I guess you could consider him naked except for a scarf. Which is pretty awesome. Joe Pa was reached for comment, but simply said, “Huh? Sorry I’m hard of hearing.”

Wanna get away?

I really hope this kid had a Snickers in his pocket. This is proof video games are ruining today’s youth. This play would have made sense with a 99 overall speed guy on rookie mode in Madden, but in an actual game? Come on, man. And what was he trying to attempt there at the end? A forward pass? I didn’t quite see a receiver anywhere in the vicinity.

Speaking of embarrassing…

This is very embarrassing.

Let me say this first. I am not a Kansas hater like some other people on this site. I’m a Tennessee hater thank you very much. But when I saw this video I HAD to post it. The entire time I watched it I was expecting Chuck Norris to jump out of nowhere and roundhouse kick this pansy in the face. It never happened. Why? Because this video isn’t a joke. It’s real. Which is unreal. Teaching college students to properly clap is about the lamest reason to produce a video imaginable. Baffling.

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