Let Me Be Frank With You…

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I thought hockey players were supposed to be tough.

Since we started last week’s post talking about a random crying episode by Derek Fisher, why not keep with that theme this week. I actually watched hockey for like the third time in my life last week as the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. I wasn’t really all that interested in the game, but I must say the post game did entertain me quite a bit. Jeremy Roenick just started crying out of nowhere before saying, “Its the Chicago Blackhawks, man.” What followed was an awkward few more seconds and a pretty devastating hit to Jeremy’s manhood. Its going to be OK, man.

Sometimes people just do stupid stuff.

See that girl? Yea she’s 16 and tried to sail around the world, by herself. Now I’m not a rocket scientist by any means, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night (outdated joke), and can see that was probably a pretty bad idea. Turns out it was a disaster of an idea as Abby Sunderland went missing for a period of time and had to be rescued. The rescue ended up costing $300,000 ( don’t ask me how) and the bill was paid by the Australian government because Abby’s family couldn’t afford it. Now, of course we are all glad Abby is home safe, but things like this just make you wonder, what were you thinking?

Did you guys know the World Cup is going on?

I’m just wondering if you guys knew that yet. I haven’t seen anybody talking about it or any TV advertisements or magazine covers about it. Doesn’t this thing happen every 4 years? Why has it all of a sudden taken a monopoly over the sports world. Call me unpatriotic, but I simply cannot watch soccer. It’s like hockey, but twice as boring and low scoring. I’m a poet and don’t know it.

June 2010: The Month of Annoying Rumors.

Apparently the new “in” thing these days is starting major sports related rumors that get the entire sports world buzzing, only to find out they are simply false. Case in point, this whole Big 12 mess. I, at one time or another, was convinced of about 4 teams that were headed to the SEC. I was also convinced the Big 12 would be no more and college athletics would change as we know it. The end result? Nebraska went to the Big Ten and Colorado to the Pac-10. Not exactly earth shattering news there, but interesting nevertheless (<- dumb word). Oh yea, did you hear John Calipari will be the next coach for the Nets? And that Tom Izzo will be taking the Cleveland Cavaliers job? Crazy month huh?

One of the greatest shows on television is coming back.

I heard this news the other day and it excited me so greatly I just knew I had to Korked Bat it. Yes, “Korked Bat” is a verb. For all you Kenny Powers fans out there (that should be all of you), HBO’s Eastbound & Down is returning for another season in September. The greatness of this cannot be overstated. Thank you HBO. Now all we need is a new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Summer Heights High“. (I just realized my three favorite shows all come on HBO.)

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