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Let Me Be Frank With You…

Brett Favre doesn’t
want me to like him.
I like Brett Favre just as much as the next guy (except for the fact I started him over Peyton Manning last week in fantasy and have been questioning my sanity ever since). But just when I reach this pinnacle of 100% likening him, he goes out and pulls a stunt like the one he did on Sunday. No matter how great you are or how many Wrangler commercials you throw balls to a guy who dives in the mud for no reason to catch it you are in, you don’t need to go throw a hissy fit with your head coach for doing what he thinks is best for the team and you sure don’t whine about an altercation with him. He’s your coach. You are his player. End of story. Now go retire and cry some more Brett.
Peyton Manning should
win coach of the year.
No, that wasn’t a typo, he should. The man is a robot. No, really. What he does at the line of scrimmage is simply amazing. He basically calls or audibles out of every play, leaving Tom Moore (Colts offensive coordinatior) with nothing to do on the sideline but worry about the weather (that’s what old people do, right?). And I don’t really know what to think of Jim Caldwell. I’ve never really heard him talk for more than 13 seconds because that’s about the maximum time it takes before a Jim Caldwell speech puts you to sleep.
As good as the SEC is in football, they are that bad this year in basketball.
Bad doesn’t even do this conference justice right now, aside from Kentucky and Tennessee, it is down right horrendous (Tennessee’s 22 point loss to USC isn’t looking so hot right now but at least they’re 8-2 and top 15). I thought Florida was good, then they lost 3 straight including 2 against Richmond and South Alabama. I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure my 8th grade YMCA team beat those two squads pretty handily. I thought Mississippi State was going to be good (I picked them to go to the Final Four in my pre-season predictions. Moral of story: don’t ever listen to me), but without blue chip freshman, Renardo Sidney, they’ve lost to both Rider and, wait a minute, Richmond. I say Richmond takes Vandy’s place in the SEC. Shoot, they may have a shot to win it this year. Other than Ole Miss, who I know nothing about and neither should you, nobody else in the league is even worth mentioning at this point in the season.
This is the worst tatoo
I’ve ever seen.
Words are unnecessary here.
People don’t need to recite their phone numbers when they leave a voicemail.
You know, I’m pretty sure all cell phones have a little thing called caller ID these days so there’s really no need to leave your number. I think most people would rather just look at their missed calls and press the send button rather than search for a pen and paper (which is always a lot harder than it should be). C’mon people, let’s try to be a little more logical.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Be Frank With You…

  • Avatar
    December 23, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    i dunno, that tattoo is pretty badass

  • Avatar
    December 23, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Brett Farve over Peyton Manning, about as cool as starting Jay Cutler over Chad Henne haha!


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