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LeBron James’ Lifelong Search for Friendship: I’m A Good Guy

LeBron James’ Lifelong Search For Friendship is an on-going series written by Kyle.

The second segment in our sure-to-be-beaten-into-the-ground on-going segment “LeBron James’ Lifelong Search for Friendship,” comes to us courtesy of Rachel Nichols and ESPN.

LeBron recently sat down with Nichols and discussed his role as the NBA’s villain, a role he is ready to abandon. Being the bad guy means less friends, which means more LeBron tears.

“I got to this point by playing this game a certain way, (I’m) getting back to loving the game and having fun with the game,” LeBron said. Welp that wraps it up, I’m done hating LeBron for stabbing millions of fans in the back. Now that he is just a regular guy, I am all about the Heat this season. I was under the impression that dangling your return to your hometown team (in a city that was struggling to get by) just to pull the rug out from under them and flee to South Beach was a jerk move. But LeBron is a fun guy, so I must have been wrong.

Yet another PR move by team LeBron to gain public sympathy for a man who is a millionaire for throwing a ball near iron sometimes.

“I’m not here to ask for any sympathy or ask for any apologies, just letting people know what I am, and who I am,” James said. “Win, lose, or draw, I’m playing because I’m grateful that I’m a kid from Akron, Ohio, that made it to the NBA, that made his dream come a reality. That’s what I’m happy about, so I can’t take it for granted.”

Akron? Oh, ok. I had forgotten where he was from. But not as quickly as he did.

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