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LeBron James’ Lifelong Search for Friendship: Handgun Edition

Welcome to a new infinite-part series here at Korked Bats entitled LeBron James’ Lifelong Search for Friendship. Here we will examine LeBron James’ latest ploys to rebuild his tarnished image.

Ever since “The Decision,” LeBron James has been quite lonely near the top. Everyone in Miami is happy to have him, but they still worship Dwayne Wade as their true savior and leader, while everyone back in LeBron’s home state of Ohio now hates him as a traitor, Benedict Arnold-ing his way down to South Beach. It has become quite apparent that LeBron, still a young man, is hurt, and he has done everything to try and make friends. bet365 sports He’s the Richie Rich of the NBA: to us it appears he has it all, but actually he just has a lonely roller coaster in his backyard and a silly driver named Cadbury. كيفية لعبة روليت

LeBron’s search for friendship has most likely been going on his entire life. While he has been insurmountably popular, that does not translate to well-liked. بيت 365 Isolated due to his talent, LeBron just wants the love an affection of all of us, but he has absolutely no idea how to get it.

Here’s today’s example:

During a charity flag football game in his home of Akron, Ohio (just the fact that he is having a flag football game in his hometown reeks of “love and forgive me, everyone I stabbed in the face”), LeBron scored a touchdown (not a surprise) and proceeded to mimic Stevie Johnson’s weekend antics, the “Plaxico Burress Handgun Shuffle.”

So at this point LeBron thinks everyone will laugh and hug him and forget he made them all cry last year. But in reality, LeBron is making a handgun joke that he is three degrees removed from. LeBron ==> Football in General ==> Stevie Johnson ==> Plaxico Burress. Check the video:


And personally, I think the worst thing you can do in front of a bunch of people who want to kill you, is remind them of how they would do it by gesturing a handgun.

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