LeBron Took His Talents To Summer Camp

Ripping on the Cavs in a Tweet, ripping on Dirk Nowitzki for being sick, ripping on us “common folk” for having trouble when we wake up in the morning, and now this?

I’m just going to go ahead and say it, LeBron James has become a big bully.

The only thing he has left to do to become the ultimate bully is to star opposite of Rick Moranis in a movie. Seriously, the further back his hairline recedes, the meaner he gets.

It’s obvious that LeBron is just looking for revenge from getting on dunked on last summer. Only he takes his frustration out on lowly preteen camper. (Or maybe he’s just upset that he looks so much like Greg Oden?) However, say what you want about LeBron James quitting in the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals, the self-proclaimed Chosen One wants you to know that he DOES NOT quit in a game of knockout.

The thunder drops roughly 35 seconds into the video.

Here is another angle, again roughly 40 seconds into the video.

In the second video, be sure to watch as LeBron gets knocked out of the game on his next turn. Womp, womp.


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