Lane Kiffin’s Coaching Hot Seat Is So Hot…

University of Southern California head coach Lane Kiffin hasn’t made quite the impact Trojan fans may have hoped. Especially after succeeding Pete Carroll. In fact, many people think this could be Lane Kiffin’s final year as head coach of the USC Trojans, officially putting him on the hot seat. But just how hot is Lane Kiffin’s seat?

Lane Kiffin’s coaching seat is so hot…

  • …it’s the inside filling of a recently-microwaved Hot Pocket.
  • …looking directly at it will re-create the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • …it’s a sister in one of USC’s sororities.
  • …your local YMCA now offers a class called: Lane Kiffin’s Coaching Seat Yoga.
  • …when Bradley Cooper looks in a mirror, he sees it.
  • …Ryan Seacrest wants to produce a reality show for it’s family.
  • …Lane Kiffin is married to it.
  • …ESPN forces Brent Musberger to publicly apologize after mentioning it.
  • …it’s your car’s steering wheel after sitting in the parking lot on a sunny summer afternoon.
  • …Jay-Z just featured it on his latest single.
  • …GoDaddy.com uses it to try and sell domain names.
  • …George Clooney refuses to marry it.
  • …Mugatu wants to hire him for his new Derelict campaign.
  • …it made a career of starring in Limp Bizkit music videos.
  • …Al Gore preaches against it, saying it will ruin the earth for our grand kids.
  • …they lowered the Terminator into it at the end of T2: Judgement Day.
  • …people excuse the fact that it has a horrible personality.
  • …he probably won’t be coaching at USC for very long after this season.

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