Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Lakers Lose

What a good week for America.

Osama is dead AND the Lakers not only lose in the playoffs, but are SWEPT by the Mavericks.

Here are a few shots that I wanted to make sure that people didn’t miss out on:

Phil Jackson counting just how many championships he could have won, if Michael Jordan would have been allowed straight into the NBA without going to North Carolina first.

• • •

Lamar Odom, even after all of this effort, that white guy is still going to get further with the NBA Playoffs than you will ever get with that Kardashian girl you’re with.

• • •

The Mavericks beat the Lakers with this guy that looks like he has a baby hand.

• • •

Kobe, Don’t worry, this too shall pass.  Just like most basketball players not named Kobe do.

• • •

If these two gentlemen spent less time kissing, this series could have gone in a different direction.  Seriously guys, let’s be professional.

• • •

Wait, is Blake breakdancing or giving birth?  This looks nothing like basketball.

• • •

Kobe doesn’t get a lot of chances to actually watch the Kiss Cam during the game.  When they were down by a hundred and fifty points he thought, “I might as well see what all the hubbub is about.”

• • •

“Yes Phil,” says Kobe, “Shaq could beat us at our own game this year.”

Phil pauses and says, “Please, just keep your hand there.”

• • •

Jack… Hey, Jack… Jack… The Lakers were playing in Dallas tonight…. Please, go back to your house Mr. Nicholson.

Please go home, sir….

• • •

Sorry about your Double Three-Peat dream Kobe.  Sorry about your Quadruple Three-Peat Dream, Phil Jackson.  Maybe you can spend your new found time off, getting better at basketball or moving to the Eastern Time Zone so the rest of America who watches your games can get some more sleep.

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