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Korked Bets: NFL Week 12

No offense to the Masters, but this is the best week of the year for couching. By Sunday we’ll still be full and lethargic from Thursday. The conditions for watching football all day are perfect. Let’s make the right picks and be thankful for our betting apps this Thanksgiving. As usual, I’ll provide my six favorite games, a perfect parlay, and my dog of the week. They have to leave it all on the field. No leftovers. Let’s get to it!

Atlanta Falcons @ Jacksonville Jaguars Line: EVEN

Wow this is a toss up. I truly hate betting on either of these teams. The Falcons are such a tough team to get a read on. Who are they? Matt Ryan hasn’t looked like his former MVP self in a while. Yet, they’re playing the Jaguars. I have two rules in betting: never bet Jets. Never bet Jags. I’m following my rule here. Taking Falcons straight up.

Pick: ATL ML Falcons 24 Jaguars 23

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants Line: PHI -3.5

I can admit when I’m wrong. I guess Jalen Hurts is legit. I didn’t think it would work. This team is putting up points and the offense looks great! He is Lamar-esque lately. It’s been fun to watch. Meanwhile, the Giants are in trouble. On and off the field. We’re going to see a different organization next year. Maybe sooner depending on how this in-division game goes.

Pick: PHI -3.5 Eagles 30 Giants 20

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals Line: CIN -4.5

The Bengals are better than they’ve been in years. The other team in this game recently tied with the Lions. The Lions. I’m putting my money on the team that didn’t tie the Lions. That’s just bad. Give me the Bengals and points.

Pick: CIN -4.5 Bengals 26 Steelers 19

Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots Line: NE -6.5

The Titans broke my heart last week. What was that??? I know they’re dealing with injuries–major injuries–but c’mon that should not have happened. 4 picks? I can’t put my hard earned money on Tannehill. Henry? Yes! But Ryan? No! Patriots continue their surprising season.

Pick: NE -6.5 Patriots 27 Titans 20

Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos Line: LAC -2.5

The Chargers vs Steelers game ended up being closer than I expected but what an amazing game! Everyone’s saying the Chiefs are back but I think the Chargers are back and a true threat to Kansas City. Justin Herbert is one of a kind. He should be able to lead the Chargers to a W by more than a field goal. Will the Broncos put up a fight or get out of the way like Teddy on that pick six? I know what my money thinks.

Pick: LAC -2.5 Chargers 33 Broncos 16

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens Line: BAL -3.5

The Browns were in the NFL basement for decades. Then the sun came up and people were calling them Super Bowl Contenders this year. Now…not so much. We’re starting to see signs of going back to the old days. Baker is only likable in his Progressive commercials. On the field and in his post-game pressers (when he chooses to show up)? Not so much. Something big is happening in that lockerroom that we may not be familiar with. Something is off. Lamar is getting healthy. I’ll take the Ravens in this one, but wouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns bounce back in a big way. But I’m a man of patterns, and I see the Browns repeating things that won’t lead to victories.

Pick: BAL -3.5 Ravens 24 Browns 20

Perfect Parlay: LAC -2.5, PHI -3.5, NE -6.5

Dog Of The Week: Vikings +3 against 49ers. Two inconsistent teams fresh off of big wins. I think the Vikings offense can put up enough points to make this a game and possibly win but at least cover.


Cort isn’t just a sports fan, he’s a sports professional. He’s worked for the NFL, NBA, or his local hockey rink. He supports Detroit teams, which means come time for the playoffs, you can recruit him to root for your team!


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