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Korked Bats Radio – FAQs

As you may recall, a few members of the KB staff have been in the process of applying for a sports radio show on Mizzou’s student-run radio station, 88.1 KCOU.

As you may not recall, we got that show.

You might not recall that because we have yet to tell you since we just found out late yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the DL: Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Johan Santana, Carlos Delgado, and Jose Reyes.

Sorry, that’s the Mets’ DL.
And here’s our Down Low on our show: we will have a show from 12 to 2 PM on Saturday afternoons.
On Mizzou home football game Saturdays, we will broadcast our show live from the Farout Field parking lot in KCOU’s giant orange tent. This show will primarily be the college football based tailgate show.
We’re going to do plenty of college football talk, naturally, but it won’t exclusively be that. We’ve already made a giant list of guests we’ll be pursuing.
Austin is single.
The content of our show will be Midwest-centric, so for those of you that read our blog because we try to cover national stories and not just local ones, go cry about it. Just kidding. But we’ll mainly focus on Mizzou sports, KC/St. Louis/Chicago pro teams, large national stories, and Zack Greinke. Just kidding again. Sort of.
I’ve decided to include a FAQ section in this post to answer questions and concerns you guys are likely to have. Here you go:
  • Will the show continue after football season? Great question! Glad you asked. The answer is YES! We obviously won’t broadcast from the stadium after the season ends, but we should maintain the show through Christmas break and into the Spring Semester.
  • Will you still be friends with me now that you’re all ‘big time?’ The short answer is ‘no.’ I don’t have time for the long answer. Now make me coffee.
  • Is it true that Austin has a tattoo of a red, white and blue eagle across his chest? Oh he has the tattoo, but it’s not on his chest.
  • What’s the worst movie sequel of all time? Easy, 102 Dalmations.
  • Who will you have as guests? We’ve brainstormed a ton of people that we’re going to pursue, some more realistic (our friend and fellow Korked Bat author, Kyle) than others (anyone else). Just kidding. I hope. But we’ve talked about current student athletes and coaches, former Mizzou athletes, local sports writers, Val Venis, etc.
  • Will I be able to listen to your show even if I am out of the Mid-Missouri market? YEPPERZ! You can catch the shows live on the stations website and, barring any setbacks, we should be able to post our shows as podcasts in case you guys can’t catch them live. Nothing is chiseled in stone, but our school mascot isn’t the Fightin’ Irish for nothing! Right? Yeah!!
  • Will I be able to get involved in the show? Of course you can! We’re still working on panning out some ideas, but we’re definitely going to involve our readers somehow. We might use Twitter. We might use the comment section on the blog. We might even let you take Austin out on a date. The bottom line, though, is that we want to use your thoughts and ideas on our radio show.
  • Do I have a gambling problem? Only you can answer that question. No one can answer for you. Be strong. People, including us, care about you. In the meantime, over/under 8 wins for the Chicago Bears this year? I’ll give you good odds…
  • Which one of you guys is the fat one? Austin and Jared: (at the same time, pointing at each other) “He is!”
  • Alright, seriously, will it be good? We’re going to do our best. Seriously.

Once again, thank you all so much to those who commented on our previous post. We definitely could not have gotten this show without ya’ll’s help. We will do our best and try to continue to bring you sports news in the most entertaining way possible.


2 thoughts on “Korked Bats Radio – FAQs

  • Avatar
    August 29, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Congratulations guys! You definitely deserve it and I will be tuning in every Saturday. When do you start?

  • Avatar
    August 29, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Cheers!!!!! This is great news all around and you guys have worked long and hard to get this show on the air.

    Is there any way to get your program in Nashville?

    A Friend.


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