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Korked Bats Exclusive Interview: @PeytonsHead

Every once in a while, an athlete comes around with sensational athletic skill. You know, athletic skill that lands the athlete in 2nd place for the final Heisman Trophy voting. Or impeccable athleticism that helps the athlete lead his professional team to a 3-13 record while recording a league-high 28 interceptions. Nevermind the fact that this same athleticism eventually brings the athlete 11 Pro Bowl selections, one Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP, and four league MVP awards, yadda yadda yadda. Nevermind that.

With these rares times of extreme athleticism, occasionally you’ll see this athlete accumulate a big head. Then occasionally, this big head will start a Twitter account. This is one of those times.

If you’ve dappled into the whole Twitter game (which you should if you haven’t, I mean, you did eventually give into Facebook and this is better), you’ve noticed many real celebrities and athletes. Those are fun and all, but not near as fun as the FAKE celebrities and athletes. One of our favorite people on Twitter is @PeytonsHead, or also known as Peyton Manning’s Head. That’s right. Not his “Laser Rocket Arm,” his head.

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We sat down with Peyton Manning’s head and this is what ensued:

Korked Bats: What have you been up to during the NFL Lockout?

Peyton’s Head: About a 23 inch diameter, but I’m getting back in shape.

KB: Who would you rather spend a day with: Brady’s Head or Beiber’s Head?

PH: Is there a difference? I mean, besides Tom’s wrinkles?

KB: What’s the worst thing about Tom Brady?

PH: The Tuck Rule.

KB: Was there an innuendo built into that answer?

PH: Not intentionally… but something tells me he’s pulled a “Buffalo Bill” in front of the mirror before.

KB: Would you rather lose an MVP to Tom Brady or lose in the AFC Championship to Tom Brady?

PH: MVP. That one is easy. Me and the #LaserRocketArm are all about football, not image. And definitely not “Uggs”.

KB: Other than Football Cops, why haven’t you been in many TV commercials lately?

PH: I’m waiting on 4D TV…people should truly appreciate my depth.

KB: Worst case scenario, there is no NFL season this year. What are you going to do to pass the time?

PH: Play more golf with Tiger. I want him to help me with my balance, and I want to help him learn to deal with his big head.

KB: What’s your favorite movie all-time?

PH: Little Giants. I’ll always support Eli.

KB: What are your thoughts on the TV Show Glee?

PH: I’ve never watched it. Kind of like regular season NBA and MLB.

KB: What’s more important to you: a Pro Bowl selection or a really comfy pillow?

PH: Comfy pillows! Duh! The only thing softer than the Pro-Bowl game is a comfy pillow.

KB: What’s your career highlight?

PH: Everyone would think “The Super Bowl”, but my career highlight was giving Coach Caldwell the “Laser Rocket Eyes” for calling that stupid timeout.

KB: Anything else you’d like to add to any fans out there?

PH: I appreciate all of you. And I hope you don’t read these answers ahead of time on a “Patriots” fan page…Belichick is still filming everything I do.

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