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Korked Bats Exclusive Interview: Michelle Beadle

Last week, Korked Bats was given the wonderful opportunity to interview ESPN SportsNation’s Michelle Beadle. First and foremost, we would like to thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our ridiculous questions.

Second, we’d like to let all of you, our readers, know about her brand new show, Winners Bracket. It’s a new 60-minute highlight driven show hosted by Michelle and former NFL All-Pro, Marcellus Wiley. The show debuted on April 3rd as a part of ABC’s new ESPN Sports Saturday Block. The show is on every Saturday. Check your local listings for times and be sure to tune in. It’s awesome!

So without further adieu, here is a Korked Bats Exclusive, an interview with Michelle Beadle.

(Korked Bats/KB is Austin, Michelle Beadle/MB is obviously, Michelle Beadle)

Korked Bats: Forgive me if I sound nervous, I’ve never interviewed anyone named Michelle before.

Michelle Beadle: Oh, well I can see how you’d be nervous then.

KB: We have got 5 writers for our website, 2 are from Missouri, 3 are from Nashville, I got to ask you, have you ever been to Missouri, and/or Nashville, Tennessee?

MB: I’ve been to Missouri, St. Louis for baseball stuff. I have been to Nashville a couple times when I was covering bull riding and ironically, my one and only bar fight in which I was a participant was in Nashville at the Wildhorse Saloon.

KB: So you’ve gotten in a bar fight at the Wildhorse Saloon?

MB: I did. We got thrown out. It was very… um… well, it was awesome actually. I’m not going to lie. I should say you’re not supposed to do that, but I kind of thought it was funny.

KB: Man, I grew up there and yet still have no stories that interesting.

MB: (Disappointed sigh) You got to do it. You got to do it before you turn 50.

KB: Ok, before I’m 50 I’ll get in a bar fight at the Wildhorse Saloon.

MB: (Laughs)

KB: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your new show, Winners Bracket.

MB: Oh, ok! It’s a spinoff, really, of SportsNation in that we have done a few of these bracket specials where we pit highlights against each other and then crown a winner. So, we kind of thought, “Well, that’ll be fun. We’ll just do it with all sports across the board on a weekly basis.” And that’s what we do. We take 16 of the best highlights, well, what we think are the best highlights, we seed them, and then we let them battle it out. We also show lowlights too, because that’s actually more entertaining sometimes. And it’s Marcellus Wiley and myself, and it’s just, I don’t know if you’re familiar with him, but he’s probably one of the most energetic human beings I’ve ever been around in my life. So, it’s hard not to be happy around him.

KB: And that started April 3rd?

MB: April 3rd. We’re actually off the next couple of weeks and we’re back in May, I think, full time. So this is our schedule. We’re a part of ABC’s new two-hour block with ESPN. Our show actually airs at 5pm. Although, I think it’s different all over the place, who knows?

KB: Tell us how your life has changed from just being on TV with the YES Network to becoming an ESPN personality?

MB: Oh it’s just so different now! (Laughs) Well, I live in Connecticut. That’s a big change. (Laughs) You know what, it’s a little different. I guess you get recognized a little bit now? Which I really didn’t all that much when I was at the YES Network, unless they were specifically Nets fans. But, it’s really not that different other than having to move up here. It’s nice to be a part of a show that’s actually being watched. I am pretty proud of that. So I do like that. But other than that, really, honestly, so far, nothing.

KB: When it comes to carbonated beverages, do you call it soda, pop, or Coke?

MB: I grew up calling it Coke. I now call it Soda.

KB: Good, as long as you don’t call it pop, you’re ok in my book.

MB: Nope, I’m a Texas girl. Everything is Coke. I had to teach myself to call it soda or else no one knows what you’re talking about.

KB: What is your favorite type of soda, pop, or Coke?

MB: Well, I tend not to be a soda drinker, unless it’s after a long night. So, if that happens, I will usually have a Diet Coke. Pretty lame. But you know what, I can’t tell the difference between. I don’t drink it enough, so I don’t know the difference between Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi. But I like that gross Coca-Cola flavor. Does Fresca count? Is that a carbonated drink?

KB: Yes, Fresca counts.

MB: (Pause) Then you know what? I’ll take Fresca and I actually will drink that every once in a while.

KB: What is your opinion of blogs like Deadspin.com, which usually deliberately attack ESPN and the stuff that they do?

MB: Yeah, you know, I know those are bad guys, but honestly, I love them. I go to those sites daily. For us specifically as a group, as a SportsNation group, they’ve been fairly kind. So, it’s been kind of fun. I mean, I’ve been reading those things before I got here, so it’d be kind of hard to stop now. And I love the stuff, you know I love sports, but I also love all the awesome drama and those guys cover it. Deadspin, The Big Lead, all those guys. So I like them. Those are must see’s for me every morning.

KB: Have you always been a sports fan growing up?

MB: I’ve always been a sports fan growing up. I always played sports, especially when I was much younger. Ha, much, much younger. I grew up in the Dallas area for the first part of my life. My dad would take me to Rangers games and a couple Mavericks games. I liked it. Probably not as much as I do now. And then through high school and then college, it definitely became more of a fan thing. Especially when you start to get friends who love sports too, which I think tends to happen more as an adult than anything else.

KB: Are you on Team Angelina or Team Jen?

MB: (Laughs) I’m Team Angelina. (Laughs) She’s just awesome. You know, I don’t know what Jen’s problem is, but Angelina just seems like a saint. (Laughs)

KB: What athlete/celebrity would you like to interview or meet?

MB: Let’s see… I cannot think of an athlete that I would want to interview right now. I mean, I covered basketball for a while. I kind of talked to all those people at one point or another. Hmmmm… Ya know, I think I’d like to hang out with Justin Bieber for a few hours. See what’s going on.

KB: That’s actually kind of funny, because that was one of my questions for later on in the interview, “What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber?”

MB: I need to give the kid a haircut. It drives me crazy when he keeps flipping it forward on purpose. I think he’s going through puberty right now, so the singing thing is a little bit awkward. I don’t get it. But as a childhood Joey McIntyre fan, I cannot be too judgmental. Because I was one of those 14-year-olds screaming like an idiot over someone who had a girl voice.

KB: Were you a big fan of Joey Lawrence in Blossom?

MB: No. I was Kirk Cameron, Growing Pains. And then I was Joey McIntyre, New Kids On The Block, teenage years. I mean, 100 percent.

KB: I can respect the Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains pick.

MB: Yeah, I don’t know what happened to him now, but I definitely loved him back in the day.

KB: Was it necessarily Kirk Cameron or was it Alan Thicke that you had the crush on?

MB: No, no, no. It was Mike Seaver. It was Kirk Cameron. He was like a bad boy and didn’t love going to school. And when you’re like a nerdy little good girl, that’s a dream. (Laughs)

KB: I got to ask you about working with Colin everyday. When he gets to debating topics, it doesn’t seem like you can persuade him very easily. Have you ever gotten him to change his mind on an opinion?

MB: You know there’s a couple times when we would play a game… Gah, I wish I could think of one, because it was last week too, that he changed it. I think it had something to do with NBA. A team that he went into thinking was awesome, and then we listened to each other’s argument and he was like, “Yeah, you know what? I’m going to change my mind.” But it’s very rare. Because by the time I see Colin, at one o’clock, two o’clock in the afternoon, he’s probably already talked about the topic for 3 hours on his radio show and he is steadfast. He’s decided that’s what he thinks, he’s already come up with some crazy analogy about it, some bizarre theory, so forget about it. It may not make any sense, and he could be completely wrong, but I got to admire him for not backing down.

KB: Have you ever started an argument over something stupid just to see if he’d argue it?

MB: Yes. 100 percent. Yeah, it’s funny. Even if it’s like personal things, like going to a specific restaurant, or a drink. Sometimes I just argue with him for the sake of arguing. It’s very fun. It’s like an older brother. Like a much, much older brother.

KB: Run me through a day in the life of Michelle Beadle.

MB: Pretty easy. I get here around 9:45, a little breakfast, we have ten o’clock meetings everyday. And then honestly, from then until about 12:30, you sit in front of a computer, and read everything that’s happening.  The internet, pop culture, sports, all of it. Makeup, hair, which is the busiest part of the day. And then, we head over to the studio at about three o’clock. We usually pre-tape the game segment. Just to make sure everything works and it’s good to go. And four o’clock, we’re live. So, the day flies. Especially, when you hit noon. It’s very fun. With the group here is a bunch of weirdos, crazy, all very similar in personalities, so it’s a fun, fun group. I wouldn’t choose anybody else.

KB: So you don’t have to put on your makeup on your drive to work?

MB: No. I try not do any of that. Sometimes, when I go to do bits with Colin on the radio, I hate it. Because it’s on camera. But I don’t ever get ready for it. So, I look like death. But that’s fine. I hate putting makeup on twice in a day.

KB: That’s my least favorite part of my day, putting makeup on in the car.

MB: I would imagine. It’s really not that fun.

KB: It’s tough to multitask and it’s just looks awkward.

MB: No, don’t do that. I hate those ladies who do makeup while they’re driving. It’s so unsafe.

KB: Growing up, were you ever referred to as Beadle Juice?

MB: Yes. One hundred percent. Beadle Juice, I love it!

KB: What is your biggest fear?

MB: That was interesting. While you were talking, The Stanley Cup just rolled by. Ok. That happened. It was definitely just one of those ESPN moments.

KB: Oh ok, so you have one of those boring jobs, I guess?

MB: I just was laughing because I was like, “That’s… the… Stanley Cup…” My biggest fear? Oh, I’m terrified, I hate flying. I know it’s generic and everyone hates it. I have like hyperventilation moments on take off. I absolutely hate it. And I love to travel, so it’s a bit of a Catch-22 too. But that’s my biggest fear. Plane crash. Easy.

KB: Yesterday, you guys had Ms. Cleo on the show. Growing up, me and a couple of my friends prank called Ms. Cleo. We were young and stupid.

MB: That’s awesome. You had to pay for it didn’t you? How much did it cost you?

KB: Well, we were under 18 when we did it, so somehow we got out of it. But, needless to say, our parents were very upset with us, yadda yadda yadda, when they got the bill. Now, Ms. Cleo just disappeared out of pop culture all together. Nobody knew where she was, and there were rumors that she went to jail. Do you know the inside to those rumors?

MB: None of us, it’s funny, none of us asked that. And of course, we all knew about it, because you heard back in the day, you know, fraud, money something or the other, but none of us asked. I think we were all… Well, I’ll tell you what, when you meet her, she’s so… She’s a very tall woman. So she kind of enters a room, she’s so very overpowering island sweet and nice. Like you almost don’t want to bring the whole moment down, but yeah, my friends were all texting me and tweeting me yesterday about that. “Isn’t she in prison? How did you guys get her?” (Laughs)

KB: I think you should have just asked her live on the air. Because then she would have had to answer.

MB: (Laughs) No! That’d be like a Rosie O’Donnell grill session! No, because at the end of the day, it’s a little frightening. I don’t know what her powers are!

KB: Yeah, she could probably like voo-doo you or something.

MB: Yeah, there was a LeBron doll that fell when she was in the studio and everyone kind of went, “(GASP)!”

KB: LeBron is going to like break his ankle and not return for the rest of the playoffs.

MB: (Sarcastically) Thank you…

KB: If you could start your life all over again, start from day 1, popping out of the womb, would you do it all the same?

MB: Oh gosh, are we talking everything?

KB: Just EVERYTHING. Like that awkward date you went on with Brad Stevens in 5th grade.

MB: (Laughs) I would probably, if I get to know what I know now, I would probably not date a few people that I’ve dated. Obviously, everyone would say that. But school and career wise, I’ll be honest, my path to this has been very bizarre, but it’s also been kind of awesome. I probably missed out on 6 years of a head start because I didn’t know I was going to end up doing this. But then again, I may not be here, and I kind of like being here. So I wouldn’t change that part. As bizarre as it was, and weird jobs that I have done, I don’t think I would change that. Personally, I’d probably just not date some people that I did. (Laughs) And I will give you names and numbers if you need them.

KB: Yeah, I’d like to call them for an interview also.

MB: I’d imagine they’d have just as nice things to say about me. (Laughs)

KB: What’s your favorite movie?

MB: Oooo… Love Bull Durham and love Godfather 2. And then again, Notting Hill will get me everytime. That’s so lame and girly, but I love it.

KB: Ok, now, I’ve just got one final question. Michelle, I’ve enjoyed talking to you. I’m not going to lie.

MB: Uh-oh.

KB: I got to ask you, do you have a thing for bloggers? Because if so… Let me finish… I know of 4 ½ bloggers that I could set you up with. Just saying.

MB: Wait, what’s the half?

KB: Well, one of our writers is currently dating a girl, but he said he would leave her for you.

MB: Oh wow. Well, that makes him a jerk, so I don’t want him. (Laughs) Yeah, I love bloggers. Unless they’re mean. I like blogs that pick on Tom Brady and make fun of the Yankees. Then I’m all in.

KB: What about blogs that pick on Tiger Woods and Lane Kiffin?

MB: Oh definitely Lane Kiffin. And it depends on how they pick on Tiger Woods. Because now there’s certain areas that are funnier than others. But, yes. But you can’t be all up on Phil Mickelson and think he’s the greatest. That can’t be the alternative.

KB: Oh, no, no, no, no.

MB: Then we’re good.

KB: In fact, earlier we made fun of Phil Mickelson. The tan line that he had. I don’t know if you caught that on the last day of The Masters? He took his hat off, and his forehead was blinding, it was so white, compared to the rest of his body.

MB: Yeah, you know I saw guys lather on sunscreen every time, but I guess he’s not doing that? It’s very bizarre.

KB: I guess he’s got more important things to worry about, but I don’t know what that could be?

MB: (Laughs) Me neither. (Laughs)

KB: Well, thank you so much, Michelle. I really appreciate you taking time out to talk to us and everything.

MB: Oh gosh, no. My pleasure. I love it. It’s been fun.

KB: I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

MB: Even better… (Laughs)

KB: (Laughs) You have a great day and good luck with Winner’s Bracket and SportsNation and everything, and we’ll continue to tune in.

MB: Until we get cancelled, please watch!

KB: Hey! Well, I’ll be watching for the next 50 years!

MB: That’s what I’m talking about! (Laughs)

Michelle Beadle, we love you!


Austin hosts a country music morning radio show in Chicago after nearly a decade in sports talk radio (The Jim Rome Show, Steve Gorman SPORTS!) Colin Cowherd and Smash Mouth follow him on Twitter and he wears pants every day.


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