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Korked Bats’ 300th Korked Bat

(…To celebrate our 300th post.)

Well… Here it is. Our 300th Korked Bat. We are only just over one year and three months old and have had the privilege of providing you all with 300 posts about the world of sports… (And the occasional random post that has nothing to do with sports.)

(Like this one.)

For our 200th Korked Bat, we whined about how 200 was such an awkward number and there wasn’t much to reference in the post. However, today we want to honor the number 300… Because there is just so much to reference!

Other than being the lowest credit score you can receive, a really solid batting average, and the number of Magic Eye’s I have looked at in my life, let’s see what else the number 300 is good for!

The Number 300 in Everyday
Life Outside of Korked Bats

In bowling, 300 is a perfect score. So looks like we have reached the perfect number of posts.

Who can forget the Nissan 300ZX? Only the coolest car Nissan has come out with since the Nissan Sunny.

Speaking of cars, how about the Chrysler 300? Unfortunately, we don’t have anything clever or funny to say about this.

Speaking of ridiculous 1970’s-esque logos for NASCAR Nationwide Series stock car races, how about the Sam’s Town 300? A race as hilly billy as it’s logo. Glad to know we are associating our blog with this group.

And finally, you know I could not forget the reference EVERYONE always thinks of first when they hear 300. The highly popular film…

…from 1962…

The 300 Spartans!

In the last 100 posts we have:

  • Written 100 posts… Duh.
  • Applied for and got a radio show.
  • Announced Brett Favre’s comeback.
  • Lost a writer.
  • Gained a writer.
  • I had a birthday.
  • Three of our 5 writers started their second and final senior year.
  • Had our best month ever (October 2009)
Welp, there it is. Our 300th post. We hope you have enjoyed reading all 300 as much as we enjoyed delivering them to you. We want to thank all our readers for continuing to follow us. You guys have made all our success possible. Thanks for joining us for the ride. We hope to bring you more sports related entertainment and random athletes as the future rolls on.

TO 300 and BEYOND…


Austin hosts a country music morning radio show in Chicago after nearly a decade in sports talk radio (The Jim Rome Show, Steve Gorman SPORTS!) Colin Cowherd and Smash Mouth follow him on Twitter and he wears pants every day.


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    November 13, 2009 at 10:27 am

    Congrats on the 300 milestone!

    When will there be another KBVB???


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