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Kansas State’s Band Will Stop Playing Wabash Cannonball If Students Don’t Stop Yelling “F-KU!” During It. Sad!

The Wabash Cannonball has been a tradition at Kansas State sporting events for many years. That tradition could be lost if changes aren’t made soon. Kansas State marching band members tell 27 News that Band Director Dr. Frank Tracz informed their squad they will soon cease to play the legendary song at sporting events if Kansas State students don’t change their behavior. The student section has regularly shouted a vulgar chant aimed at their in-state rival, the University of Kansas. “The first time we hear ‘The Chant’ from now on at a football game we will no longer play Wabash during that game until the students decide to mature and realize they’re ruining the best game day tradition in the country,” one K-State band member said.

via KSNT

Mizzou plays Kansas State this weekend for the first time since Mizzou dipped outta the Big 12 and headed for the much more financially stable SEC. This is also the first team from Kansas to play Mizzou since they made the jump. The Wildcats may be my alma mater’s enemy this weekend, but I don’t view it that way. Because an enemy of my enemy is my friend. Mizzou’s hatred for kansas (little K) goes back to the Civil War. It’s a heated rivalry. One that often doesn’t get talked about because the teams are rarely good, and when they are, they’re not at the same time. Outside of 2007 of course. Plus, those beakers from Lawrence are too scared to resume the football rivalry. The only rivalry in a sport America really cares about.

So to see Kansas State’s hatred for the red-leggers…

Here’s a quick backstory on The Wabash Cannonball:

Though it seems like a timeless Wildcat tradition, “The Wabash Cannonball’s” popularity came over a century after the university was founded. The Wabash rose from the ashes, so to speak, on Friday, Dec. 13, 1968, when Nichols Hall caught fire and burned. It is often said that “The Wabash Cannonball” was the only surviving piece of sheet music from the Nichols Hall fire.

Not only am I fond to K-State’s obscene hatred for Kansas, but The Wabash Cannonball used to be a ride at Opryland USA (RIP in peace) which I loved growing up, so you know where I come out in this whole thing. I’m not even going to take the “let college kids be college kids” stance. I’m rolling with the “let K-State fans be K-State fans.” Half of your existence as a college football fan is to hate your rival. Because what is college football without rivalries? And what are rivalries without obscene chants? I’ll answer that: Nothing.

Plus, didn’t K-State try this once before by threatening to stop playing Sandstorm at games for the exact same reason? College administrations and athletic departments have a lot on their plates, and this petty thing shouldn’t be one of them. Cancel culture has come too far. Let the kids hate their rivals. Let them chant.

Personally, I’m glad Kansas State’s mascot has human hands, because I’d like to shake his.


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