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Just When You Thought ‘The Derrick Henry Song’ Was God’s Gift To Music, Here Comes The REMIX

Just when you thought this week, Derrick Henry Week, couldn’t get better… It started with us dropping a video that will make your lil’ wee-wee bigger, whether you have one or not, then Derrick Henry DM’ing and following us on Instagram. Then we re-released The Derrick Henry Song, and now? Well, now we’re hit with arguably the greatest remix since the introduction of turntables.

In fact, here’s a real quick power ranking of the greatest remixes of all time.

We don’t do honorable mentions because there is no honor in a mention… but if we did, an honorable mention would be Ignition (Remix). But only BEFORE we found out R. Kelly is a creep.

5. ‘Electric Feel’ (Justice Remix) – MGMT

Let’s be honest with ourselves, this song shocks you like an electric eel.

4. Higher Love – Kygo and Whitney Houston

Say what you will about Kygo, but the man knows how to make a beat that will make you bob your head like that Jay-Z GIF.

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3. Old Town Road (Remix) – Lil’ Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus

Look, you may hate this song now, but before every kindergartner on the planet knew every word to this song, we were all entrenched by it. This song was the jam for a summer. Until it just became overplayed and over-remixed. To the point where even that Walmart Yodeling Kid got a verse.

2. “Roses (Imanbek Remix)” – SAINt JHN

This song got me through the pandemic. You know, the pandemic that we’re still somehow in.

1. The Derrick Henry Song (REMIX) – Korked Bats and gatsby

I mean, c’mon. Those lyrics. Those vocals. That beat by gatsby. Just pure flame emojis. Do cool people say “pure flames emoji”? If not, it’s whatever cool people say. Gatsby is a local singer/songwriter from Nashville who drops nothing but bangers. Check him out. The dude is awesome.

So if you’re going to be out at Nissan on Saturday and you need some jams to rock at the tailgate, just throw this jam on and watch the panties drop. For the women and men.


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