John Oliver’s Breakdown Of The 1997 Classic ‘Air Bud’ Is An All-Time Internet Video

This is one of those rare-long form videos on the Internet where it is entirely worth the 15 minutes to watch. John Oliver swerves so far out of its lane to take a blowtorch to the 1997 classic Air Bud and everything about it. It’s rightfully so. I’ve had a take for a few years now that I debuted on my old podcast, The Show, that the entire premise of Air Bud being based on the fact that there “ain’t no rule that says a dog can’t play basketball” is the most absurd premise of all time.

Finally, someone from the mainstream media sees my point and is bringing it – and much more – to light. Also, RIP in peace to Josh’s dead dad.

P.S. We’re still working on re-uploading all of the old archived episodes of The Show back online after fighting them away from a previous employer. To check out the old episodes (and fun interviews), check it out here or wherever podcasts are found.


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