Joe Exotic’s Ex-Husband Has A Full Set of Teeth Now… Oh And We’re Getting An 8th ‘Tiger King’ Episode

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NOTE: I’m never starting a Tiger King blog with any other line. Hell, I’m never starting ANY blog with any other line. Carole Baskin may be a husband killer, but she’s also a damn fine wordsmith who knows how to capture an audience with an opening line.

Remember John Finlay? He was Joe Exotic’s lovers. He was the guy with as many teeth as he had husbands. Well, not anymore. Because now he’s got zero husbands and a full set of teeth.


Look, I’m really happy for the guy, but this just feels wrong It’s like seeing a fish with teeth. It just doesn’t feel right.

Honestly, I was ok with this guy’s grill looking like a barren graveyard. Sure, he was probably every dentist’s worst nightmare, but I was ok with that, because every dentist is my worst nightmare. So I was fine with him rocking Jafar’s old man grill from Aladdin.

Aladdin Disney Cartoon Aladdin Meets Old Man Jafar Prison Scene ...

…but I really don’t need him looking like the Louisville logo.

louisville cardinals football - Google Search (With images ...

Birds don’t have teeth, and neither should John Finlay!

Apparently John’s inability to use his teeth as a soup strainer is nothing new. He’s had these new chompers for a bit, per TMZ:

John tells TMZ … he actually got his teeth redone in July 2019 all at once — they’re dentures — and he’s a little miffed at Netflix and the filmmakers because they never showed it.

We’re told there’s plenty of footage and photos of John fixing his smile but for whatever reason … none of it made the final cut of ‘Tiger King.’

Also, this was slightly shocking…

Finlay also wants to clarify something about his gnarly teeth — they weren’t the result of meth abuse. Though John admits meth was a drug of choice for him in the doc, we’re told his teeth were messed up before that, due to genetic reasons. He told us he has not touched drugs in 6 years.

John is currently working as a welder and living in central Oklahoma with his fiancee Stormey. We’re told she’s the one with John at the end of the series when he’s getting his Joe Exotic tattoo reworked.

The shocking part was that the unfortunate situation in his mouth was not the result of meth, not the fact that his fiancee’s name is Stormey. In fact, I probably could’ve guessed his fiancee’s name would’ve been Stormey.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Stormey in the NEW EPISODE of Tiger King.

That’s right. Netflix is dropping a NEW episode. How do I know? Because Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner is breaking the news (because of course he is).

Oh snap. Hopefully they go to Carole Freakin’ Baskin’s house to film her. Even though she’s already come out and given her strongly worded defense against the Netflix series. Buckle up if you haven’t read this yet…



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