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It Took Six Days Into The Season, But Derrick Henry Is Back On Top The NFL’s Rushing Leaderboard

I hope every other running back in the NFL enjoyed the last six days where someone not named Derrick Lamar Henry Jr. was on top the leaderboard of rushing yards for the NFL.

I’ll be honest. Last week felt a little weird not seeing Derrick Henry in the top 5 of the leading rushers in the sport. Like when you would get lost in Dillard’s and couldn’t find your mom. You knew she was somewhere, you just didn’t know where. That’s how it felt. Well, I’m happy to announce Derrick is back on his same ol’ sh*t. The guy put 52 grown men in two-toned blue on his back yesterday as he carried the Titans to an overtime win in Seattle (somehow). It was Seattle’s first loss at home when leading by 15 points or more (they’re now 52-1 in such games). And now the Titans are 1-1 and have seemingly righted the ship after getting depantsed on TV by Arizona in Week 1. Sure there are things to correct, but one of them is definitely not at the running back position. He looked like vintage DH. And by vintage, I mean the last two seasons. Took him a bit to get going, but as he does, he just wears defenses down. And by then, it’s game over. Good luck trying to tackle a building.

Derrick is back to reminding everyone that he is nicknamed The King for a reason.

Check this:

  • Derrick Henry has 240 yards rushing this year.
  • 201 of those have come after contact.
  • The next leading rusher in the NFL is Joe Mixon with 196 yards rushing.

So let me reiterate: Derrick Henry has more yards AFTER CONTACT than the next leading rusher has total yards.

The King is back. He doesn’t just want 2,000 again, he wants that MVP, and he wants every defender who tries to tackle him to have their faces impaled into the turf.*

*-ok those are all just things WE want as The #1 Derrick Henry Fan Site On The Internet™


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