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In Defense Of Tim Brando’s Freezing Cold Scott Frost Take

Ouch. This will be an uphill climb, not as much of an uphill climb as it will be for Scott Frost to keep his job, but nevertheless, I’m ready for the challenge.

Last I checked, Scott Frost is still employed, which means TECHNICALLY this take can still come true. We don’t know. I mean, sure, it’s growing closer and closer to freezing cold take status with each passing embarrassing Nebraska loss. And make no mistake that this week’s game against *checks notes* Fordham is a MUST WIN for this once dominant college football program. But right now, this take isn’t freezing. It’s only Sixth Sense whenever a ghost was around level of cold right now. We haven’t quite reached Jack Torrance levels of cold yet.

But I know Tim is getting dragged for this take. And let me also say that I like Tim Brando. He’s arguably one of the nicest guys in sports media. He’s good at what he does and extremely professional. It would be easy to clown him for this insanely wrong take, a take so monumentally bad that I’m sweating right now for some reason. So I’m not going to. Especially considering I’m guilty of having extremely wrong takes too. Possibly even worse takes.

I first saw an artist named Lady Gaga give a performance on an episode of The Hills way back in the day. I remember turning to the person I was with and telling them I hated when MTV forced unknown artists down our throat and I distinctly said, “She’s never going to make it with a name like Lady Gaga.”

I thought Jorge Soler was going to be the next Yasiel Puig. Yes, Jorge Soler is good, but he never hit the fame status of Yasiel Puig, and even Puig found himself out of the league in a few years. That one was just an all-around bad take.

I also clowned the Chiefs for moving up to draft some Texas Tech quarterback named Patrick Mahomes. Obviously, this was royally bad take by me, but this one is similar to Brando’s take. Based on the information given up until that point, it wasn’t that bad of a take. Sure, Patty Mahomes had natural talent, but up until being drafted, he was an afterthought. He was smack dab in an era where Big 12 quarterbacks were having no success in the NFL. His record in college wasn’t great. Look, just take my word for it, ok? Because someone is already going to hit me up on Twitter with a “well actually…”

But you get my point. Everyone has really bad takes. It’s just Tim Brando has the platform of having his takes broadcasted on the SEC Network.

And it’s not like it was that crazy of a take. Yes, he compared Scott Frost to the greatest head coach in college football history after only his 3rd season as a coach. But it was no “Lady Gaga will never make it big” take. At the time, Scott Frost had just flipped UCF from winless in his first year to undefeated in his third year. That’s pretty damn impressive. So imagine what he could do at his ALMA MATER with actual football budgets, resources, and a much bigger fan base with more powerful boosters. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it. Are we sure Scott won’t be the next Nick Saban? Because now that I just said that all out loud again, I’m starting to think he actually could be.

Maybe he’s just off to a reeeeeally slow start? I mean, the Sabes didn’t have instant success in Tuscaloosa. They went 7-6 (1-4 in the conference) with a home loss to Louisiana-Monroe. So maybe, Scott Frost is just going through a really rough Louisiana-Monroe moment? We don’t know. But look, hindsight is 20/20. We all have cold takes. Let’s just take them in stride.


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