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In A Year That Has Been So Improbable, The Impossible Has Happened: MLB Actually Made Cool All-Star Game Caps

image via SportsLogos.net

Having a hard time trying to come up with the most topical way to show how much I love these 2022 MLB All-Star Game lids. I’m feeling some sort of blend between “flame emojis” and “chef’s kiss.” These things are incredible. Especially for a sporting event where they’re more swing and a miss than actually nailing it. NewEra has been well below the Mendoza line for most of their All-Star Game cap-making days. If they were on your fantasy team, they would’ve spent every year on the trading block before you just decided to drop them for a weak-armed backup utility infielder.

I mean, just look at these things…

For the Astros, that’s actually an asterisk.

Of course, the All-Star Game hosted by LA got it right. And look, I don’t want to come across as biased here. But to me, it makes sense that the All-Star Game held in Los Angeles would have the most stylish lids for their event. But I say this pretty objectively, based solely on how LA does baseball. (Not LA fans, but rather just LA.) From Dodger Stadium to the in-game presentation to everything else included in the package that is baseball in LA. If you’ve been to a game at Chavez Ravine, you know what I’m talking about. And on top of that, LA is one of the fashion capitals of the world. So of course they’re going to have some of the freshest looks.

Again, I say all this with very little knowledge of what all goes into the process of designing every year’s ASG caps. So I could be way off. But these just feel Hollywood.

Now, I could maybe do without the mesh back, but look, let’s take what we can get. We’ve seen some of the ideas – especially on hats – that New Era has literally thrown up, and for right now, this design is a win. It’s simplistic. It’s classy. The colors are great. Unless you’re an overly sensitive Dodgers beat blogger.

The only other thing you can maybe complain about is the price. These things clearly come with Los Angeles property taxes as well. $47.99 for a lid. That’s right. Half a hundo for one cap. It’s a little absurd. Especially since it’s an All-Star Game cap. A one time/one year use hat. After this year, you’re going to have that dated patch on the side of your dome, all the while being $50 poorer. Woof. Inflation am I right? But I guess in downtown LA, you can take your pick between one Dodgers All-Star game lid or one gallon of gas.


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