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Imagine Being This Mad Online About The Titans Honoring Their Franchise’s Oilers History

On Sunday the Tennessee Titans honored the late great Bum Phillips by adding him to the franchise’s ring of honor. You know, because he coached for many years with the Houston Oilers who eventually moved to become the Tennessee Oilers and eventually, the Tennessee Titans. Well, apparently there are some people on this earth who believe the Tennessee Titans should’ve completely forgotten their franchise’s history and leave it for the city of Houston. You know, just how when you move from a house, you leave all the picture frames of your family behind for the next people to adopt.

Yeah, why should the Titans honor their Oilers history. That happened in a different zip code than the one they currently live in. They should have to forfeit all relics of the past just because they live somewhere else now. I’m with Paul.

See?! Paul makes valid points. Nothing quite like a Patriots fan from Seattle sticking up for Houston sports by clowning a franchise for a quarterback who turned a franchise from a 2-14 team to winning a Wild Card game in the playoffs in less than 3 seasons. Am I right?!

Well done, Paul. #Titoons


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