If You Have No Skin In The Lighting-Rangers Series, You Should Root For A Game 7 At MSG… The Same Night As A Justin Bieber Concert


Whether you like hockey or you just occasionally pretend to like Justin Bieber, you should be pulling hard for the Lightning-Rangers series to go seven games. Why? Because there is a chance for all hell to break loose. Complete and total anarchy. You ever see the movie Cloverfield? It’ll be like that but without one giant monster. More like millions of little monsters roaming the streets of Manhattan. رهان المباريات Because this will create a war between two of the most defensive species on planet earth: Beliebers and hockey fans.

Frankly, I like both. Hell, I consider myself to be both. But I try to view life with a little more self-awareness than both. I know both groups think the subjects of their fanhood is the most important thing on earth. So what do you do? Do you delay the concert and piss off tens of thousands of teenage girls (and maybe a few adult male bloggers) *or* do you bump the hockey game to a different night possibly altering the travel schedules for a team and/or creating a competitive disadvantage for a team? betfinal I don’t know. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t work in event logistics like this. لعب لربح المال I merely blog about them and then root for pure and utter chaos.


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