Ian Rapoport Says The 3-8 Seahawks Are In Win-Now Mode Because They Signed Adrian Peterson

Sound the #TAKESIREN. Guess the 8-4 Titans aren’t in win-now mode since they cut franchise great Adrian Peterson. But clearly, the 3-8 Seahawks are.

And ya know what, he might have a point. The Titans are 0-1 since cutting Adrian Peterson. Is it the Adrian Peterson curse? People are asking. And if you think this is something I’m just making up for this blog, it’s because it is. But now that I’m actually thinking about it, every team Adrian Peterson ever played for has failed to win a Super Bowl since letting him go. The Vikings, Saints, Cardinals, Redskins, Lions, and Titans. Hmm, really makes ya think. Now, granted none of them ever won the Super Bowl with him on the roster either. But that’s beside the point.

The point of this blog is that the 3-8 Seahawks are in win-now mode for signing a 36-year-old running back who averaged 3-yards per carry in his last 3-game stint with an NFL team. And the Titans? Well, they’re clearly phoning it in this season. Some may say they’re even tanking. At least according to NFL insider Ian Rappaport, the Scottie Pippen to Adam Schefter’s M.J. When you go to restaurants and order a Diet Adam Schefter, the waiter will say, is Diet Ian Rappaport ok?

But look, you have to take what he says as fact. He works for the NFL who essentially works for each franchise so you know he’s giving an authentic reaction and not just buttering up the Seahawks buying a used Honda Civic and putting it at running back.


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