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I Still Can’t Get Over The Fact That Stetson Bennett IV Won A National Title

Despite not winning a title since Reagan was in office, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see Georgia win a natty on Monday night. If you’ve watched them play at all this year, you know their defense is an all-time defense, blah blah blah. You know their coach has a thick enough southern accent to where the only thing he could be good at in life is coaching football, blah blah blah. But the thing that I just can’t get over is the fact that Stetson Bennett IV was the starting quarterback on this team. Like how did Georgia win a natty – against Alabama of all programs – with their Timothée Chalamet looking quarterback?

Stetson Bennett IV is the guy they talk about in the NCAA commercials who will go pro in something other than sports. As in he will work for his father, Stetson Bennett III, at the family accounting firm, which will come before inheriting the family’s estate and vineyard. This guy probably didn’t see a lick of NIL money, not because he’s a quarterback in a backup kicker’s body, but because frankly he doesn’t need it.

Now sure, there are plenty of walk-on stories like Stetson’s in college football, but very rarely do the walk-ons actually look like walk-ons the way Stetson does. And with a name like Stetson Bennett IV it feels like he got the starting job at Georgia because his father donated a new academic building to the university. It’s just absolutely remarkable. He doesn’t look like an SEC quarterback, let alone a FBS quarterback. He looks like the treasurer of his frat.

Think about the quarterbacks that have come and gone through Georgia without ever winning a natty. Aaron Murray, Jake Fromm, hell Matthew freaking Stafford. And yet this guy did.


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