Houston Was Just A Little Bit Late With Their Defense [VIDEO]

During last night’s wild HoustonBYU game, Houston’s defensive backs were just a bit slow in reacting to the football.

By the time the defender turned around, the wide receiver had already caught the ball, scored a touchdown, handed the ball back to the ref, hydrated himself on the sideline, got the girl in the second row’s phone number, met with the wide receivers coach about the upcoming drive, got a another girl’s phone number (because you know… Mormons), shook hands with the opposing team, ran into the locker room, showered, drove home, finished some homework, read the Book of Mormon, considered playing a video game rated M, decided against it because it’s against BYU’s Honor Code probably, fell asleep on the couch watching the 700 Club, woke up in the middle of the night, walked to bed, fell back asleep, woke up the next morning, put on his special underwear, checked Twitter, and went to class. Man, that defender must be embarrassed.

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