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Holding Down the Fort: Day 3

I’m the kid that decided to accept a new position at a new company the week before Spring Break. I’m the the kid that graduated and then took the first job offer that came his way. I’m the kid that writes for a sports blog instead of pursuing a real career. Hey guys, my name is Chip Adcock and I am “Holding Down the Fort.”

Day 3

Things are worse than I thought they were.  I am actually starting to enjoy working more than being off because at least there is some human interaction.  And I work at a Bank… in a Wal-Mart. Basically, I am so bored that I would rather be at Wal-Mart than my own apartment. However, it was Hump Day yesterday, which means I am over half way there.  Since we are hitting the home stretch and I will be watching more basketball tournaments. I thought I would give my picks for the some of the automatic bids:

The Bigs

Big East – Syracuse is the easy favorite, but this is the Big East so nothing is guaranteed.  I am thinking that the West Virginia Mountaineers are going to pull some magic and come out with the upset on Saturday.

Big West – I couldn’t name one team in the Big West, but since every team in the conference is located in the State of California, I am guessing it will be some school with a UC-City Name in it.

XII (Twelve) – Uhh… Kansas. Of course. You know who is not going to win… Texas. They forgot what winning was back in early January.

Big Ten – This is probably going to come down to Purdue and Ohio State, so I am picking Evan Turner and the Buckeyes to get revenge from the Boilermakers. But, don’t count out the Wisconsin Badgers. This collection of White Boys can play ball.

The Littles

Conference USA – UTEP currently has the longest win streak in the nation and they are the same school from Glory Road and are looking to rematch Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. The only difference this time around, is that Kentucky doesn’t play white guys.

Mountain West – If New Mexico wins this, they are likely to get a #2 seed in the Big Dance. No joke. However, I’m picking the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints… BYU is getting some revenge this time around.

Pac-10 – It’s weird to call the Pac-10 one of The Littles, but the conference is horrendous this year.  They don’t have one ranked team.  UConn’s women could probably sweep this conference. Heck, Middle Tennessee State’s women could probably sweep the conference. I’ll pick Arizona State, but seriously, who cares?


Atlantic 10 – This is a hard one to pick, but I am liking Xavier. Sure, Temple is a Top-15 team, but Xavier calls their team the 5 Musketeers. That is so much cooler than an Owl. “All for one and one for all.”

ACC – Maryland. The Kings of Rushing the Court are going to come up with the W in this tournament. Plus, I can’t stand Coach K and love to see him lose… especially to an illegal immigrant.

SEC – Well, since Frank gave respect to Tennessee for the first time in his post yesterday morning, I will return the favor. I’m picking Kentucky. It hurts me to say that, especially when they will be playing my boys on Friday, but they are the best team in the SEC. Consider that your late birthday present, Frank, since I kind of forgot 2 weeks ago.

Before anyone says anything, I know I skipped most of the mid-majors.  Sorry, Patriot League and others, I may be bored, but I am not desperate enough to write about your crap conferences.  One Love.

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