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High Young Award Winner

Apparently Tim Lincecum didn’t get the memo on what going green means.

Last season’s NL CY Young Award winner is finally paying for his sins (pun intended). Lincecum faced two misdemeanor charges for drug paraphernalia possession coming from a traffic stop on October 30th of last year.

Lincecum tried to pitch his case (pun intended again) yesterday morning in court in Washington state, where he obtained the ticket. The charges were then dropped to a civil infraction, but Lincecum was still forced to pay $513 for the marijuana charges.

I’m sorry but why is any of this news surprising? Has anyone seen Tim Lincecum? I think the bigger story would be if he wasn’t found guilty of marijuana possession.

Aren’t we talking about the same Tim Lincecum who was on the cover of the video game Major League Baseball 2K High? Errrr, I mean 2K9. And aren’t we talking about the same Tim Lincecum who looks exactly like the kid from Dazed and Confused? The same Tim Lincecum that St. Louis Cardinals fans didn’t think deserved the Cy Young this past season?

Well, in response to that last one, the news of Lincecum being a pot head makes his accomplishments in baseball that much greater.

Before you jump to conclusions about me being an advocate for Mary Jane, hear me out.

While most people in today’s age of baseball take PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs), Tim Lincecum apparently takes PDD’s (Performance Dehancing Drugs). Let’s face it, marijuana doesn’t make you the most energized of all drugs. Haven’t you seen their commercials?

See?! Marijuana apparently makes you look like Judge Doom at the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? after he gets flattened by the steamroller. So for someone to play baseball as well as Timmy did while on marijuana is nothing short of amazing.

Again, we’re not saying that marijuana is good. Because it’s not. We’re just saying that it’s not that surprising that Lincecum was caught with weed. Because lets face it, some athletes look like pot heads, some athletes look like juicers, and some athletes look like their fresh out of a Godzilla movie.


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    January 20, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Is Lincecum asking for $13 million in arbitration or herbitration?


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