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Here’s Some Free Advice: Don’t Play Jameis Winston At Fullback

*takes a whiff* You smell that?! No, not freshly cooked W. Nor is it crab legs. It’s football season. How do I know? Because we’ve got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned Jameis Winston looking dumb during training video. It admittingly came a little late this year, but better late than never in my opinion. Especially for goodness like this. I mean, ooof. Jameis Winston is no Taysom Hill. That much we’ve learned from this 11-second video. Sean Payton’s gonna have to scrap that Jameis Winston quarterback draw up the 2-hole after seeing this. Look, is running through the gauntlet easy? لعبة الخيل عبر الانترنت Despite the fact that literally every other player before Jameis made it look so, it is not – as demonstrated by Jameis getting knocked around from post to post like a Plinko chip. I also love the hop-skip Jameis gives before sprinting through this thing. He went in so damn confident and came out stumbling like he’s Taysom Hill leaving a bar after one too many Fresca’s. مال مجاني (He’s Morman.)

Getting jealous of your ex yet, Bucs fans?

But let’s go ahead and officially add this clip to Jameis Winston’s offseason training montage. وليام هيل Rocky punching meat in a freezer, pushing a horse’s carriage through the snow, and splashing in the ocean with Carl Weathers thinks Jameis’s training techniques are unique.


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