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Here It Is… The Debut Of The T-Rav Tasters

If you’re from St. Louis, you already get it.

If you’re not, allow me to fill you in. We here in St. Louis are known for two things. St. Louis Cardinals baseball and weird ass food concoctions. Putting provel cheese on thin crusted pizza. Gooey butter cake. Pork steaks. If it’s weird, odds are it’s popular and got it’s start in St. Louis.

Arguably the captain of Team Weird Food is toasted ravioli.

What the hell does toasted ravioli even mean? It means we deep fry some meat-filled ravioli. And let me tell you, it’s wildly delicious.

My name is Sales Guy Jeff. I’m the eldest Taster and I’ve been a part of Korked Bats for a handful of months now. My brothers (Jacob and Jon) and I are St. Louis natives and have always talked about rating the toasted ravioli in the city. So if the name T-Rav Tasters sounds like it was made up by a bunch of children, that’s because it was. My brothers and I were children when we came up with it. العاب المال So about 3-4 months ago, I pitched the idea to Austin. He loved it, and we got to work building and preparing this bi-monthly series.

Episodes will drop every other week, but we have some fun content we’re gonna share on social media in the off-weeks as well. Side note: how douchey is it to say content? Jeeze. I wanna kick my own ass.

We’ve got a ton of fun things planned for this series, including new and unique restaurants, some old St. Louis classics, special guest hosts, and a ton more. Also, now is a good time to point out that when people say “and a ton more” there usually isn’t anything more, because otherwise, they would’ve said it. But I assure you, we have a ton already planned (and some already shot) for this insane series.

Why are we doing this?

You probably think we’re only doing this because it’s an excuse to drink beer and eat t-ravs. Well………………. ok, you’re half-right. By the way, thank you to 4Hands for partnering with us and providing us with City Wide.

But there are four things, we’re hoping to accomplish with this project. Allow me to list them.

1. Help some of our favorite local restaurants get out of this pandemic

This one was the biggest thing for us. Not to get all sappy, but we don’t want to see the restaurant industry struggle. We all know how hard this last year has been for us all. We want to play a small role in fixing that. And we figured we’d start local.

And as more people get vaccinated, things open up, and you feel more comfortable, we hope you hit up some of these restaurants.

2. Raise toasted ravioli awareness nationally

Toasted Ravioli Awareness (TRA) is very important to us. People need to know what St. Louis is known for food-wise… other than the way we awkwardly cut our bagels. Toasted raviolis are the best representation of that. It’s delicious. It’s unique. It’s St. Louis.

Sure it’s made up, but pretty sure Nashville made up Hot Chicken and everyone was cool with that! موقع رهانات So let us have this, and just roll with us.

Korked Bats has a decent (and growing) national following, and we’re hoping to inform the masses about the little square pieces of fried heaven that we have here in the 314.

3. Get St. Louis to know Korked Bats a little better

Despite starting in Nashville, Korked Bats is currently headquartered in St. Louis and we felt like the best way to introduce ourselves to our own city was to do it with food.

I’m Jewish, and that’s how we usually do things in my family. You get to know people best over food. That’s what we’re doing here.

4. Find the best t-rav in St. Louis

Oh yeah. This is important too. We don’t want to stop until we hit every restaurant in St. Louis. Yes, even you Pasta House in the Southwest Terminal at Lambert.

When will new episodes drop?

Every two weeks on Wednesday, but we’ll have some fun content dropping on social media and YouTube in the off-weeks. Again, there’s that word content again. I’ll allow you all to punch me in the face at least once. كرابس

How can you follow along?

If you wanna follow us on socials, we’re on Facebook (7.8k followers), Twitter (12.3k followers), Instagram (1.3k followers), and our YouTube following sucks so please subscribe to us there as well. We’re building something cool, and we hope you guys join us for the ride.

**We have a T-Rav Tasters playlist on our YouTube channel as well.**


We’ve been working on this project for months and are excited to finally bring it to you. Please, help us share it with friends, family, and anyone you know who loves t-ravs. Thanks for checking out Korked Bats.

Toast it.

T-Rav Tasters

Born and bred(ed) in St. Louis, the Waldman brothers eat, sleep, and dream about the delicious golden crispy fried pasta: Toasted Ravioli. They also want to say hi to their mom.


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