Help Us Settle A Debate: Are Bread And Bagels The Same?

We’ve got a real Hatfield v. McCoys situation going on over here at Korked Bats which stemmed from a comment we got on our Coronavirus Survival Madness Recap Show we did on Instagram Live last Saturday. We obviously had bread (#2 seed) and bagels (#16 seed) both in the Food/Drink Region, and with the way some people reacted, you would’ve thought we paired the Israelis and Palestinians together. Apparently some people felt like bread and bagels are the same thing and should not have been divided up for Coronavirus Survival Madness. First off, I’m glad enough people are taking this serious enough to spawn into a debate, because Coronavirus Survival is v serious. Second, people who believe they are the same couldn’t be more wrong.

I obviously made the Texas schools analogy in this video, but later in the live stream I compared it more to two schools with Tiger mascots. Like Auburn and LSU for example. Sure, they’re both tigers, but the couldn’t be more different. That’s bread and bagels to me. Yes, they may both be full of carbs, but they are also extremely different.

My cousin, A.D., in this video clearly doesn’t agree. Even after my bomb cream cheese argument.

You don’t use bagels the same way you use bread. Nobody – outside of psychopaths – put peanut butter and jelly on bagels, just like how no one puts cream cheese on bread. This is a key component to my they are different argument.

I feel more passionately about this than I do the fact that a hot dog is not a sandwich.


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