Happy Birthday Brett! (Yesterday)

Happy birthday to the man with one of the most commonly misspelled names in the NFL, Brent Farve. Wait… No, Brett Farve. No, Brett Favre.

It was 41 years ago today that you were born. And it was a little over 2 months ago that the first news of your Jenn Sterger sex scandal broke. And it was three years ago that you retired. And it was two years ago that you retired. And it was one year ago that you retired. Man, time sure does fly, doesn’t it?

So all in all, happy birthday Brett. Enjoy playing with Randy Moss on your team for the first time tonight and enjoy answering questions in the post game press conference about sexting a female Jets broadcaster the night you play the Jets. Man, I’ve never done anything that exciting for my birthday.

But don’t worry, Brett. Knowing ESPN, they’ll probably only focus on the fact that it was your birthday for their Monday Night Football broadcast. Or if not that, then they’ll definitely be radiating on your brilliant acting career.


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