Gus Johnson Goes (March) Mad(ness)

March Madness starts this week. You know how I know? Three reasons:

  1. Facebook statuses are blowing up with people posting and commenting and liking and commenting with the word “DISLIKE” and arguing via their keyboards about who got snubbed, who is going to win it all, and whether or not Battle: Los Angeles is going to be good or not. (It wont be.)
  2. I write for a sports website. We’re supposed to know these things.
  3. Gus Johnson is getting his vocal cords ready by absolutely losing his mind over the Pac-10 Championship Game. العاب للربح الحقيقي

Washington and Arizona doesn’t necessarily scream good game. Heck, it barely whispers it. The Pac-10 has one ranked team and has only had one ranked team for most of the season. However, Gus Johnson doesn’t take games off. He calls every game as if it’s the national championship. (Spoiler Warning) Washington beat Arizona last night for the Pac-10 title on a last second buzzer beater. Gus Johnson called the game and nearly coughed up his vocal cords with excitement. شرح لعبة بينجو I wouldn’t be surprised if Gus Johnson was crying blood after last night’s game. لعبه bingo Listen for yourself:

If that doesn’t get you jacked for March Madness, then you must be Gary Busey. Because the only thing that gets that guy jacked is raccoons wearing tutus jumping on trampolines.

Photo Courtesy: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times


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