Guess Who? It’s Wade Boggs!

What do 3,000 hitters do in their spare time? Oh you know, just play Guess Who? with their family in a room filled with dead animal onlookers.

Click on the image to make it larger.

Wade Boggs, a career .328 hitter with 3,010 hits, seems to be about as Jeff Foxworthy of an athlete as you could get (excluding Jared Allen of course). I only say this from the evidence in this picture. And keep note, I’m not even including the fact that his kid is wearing jorts. Or the fact that his kid needs help playing Guess Who?.

There are two possibilities I have for this picture.

One: This is an ad for either a carpet cleaning company, a furniture company, a taxidermist, or a men’s hair restoration clinic. This would be the picture that shows how awesome these people are living after using one of the said services.

Two: I wouldn’t be surprised if Wade Boggs was a serial killer and shortly after this photo was taken, he completely slaughtered his wife and kid before fleeing the country to live the rest of his life in an abandoned school bus in the middle of the woods. So this picture would be the last picture of the Boggs family still alive.

So in my best educated guess, it has to be one of those two possibilities. Unless of course it’s just a picture of 12-time All-Star playing Guess Who? with his family in his unfriendly to PETA members living room.


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