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Google Is So Trendy

Whether you think he is the greatest thing that ever happened to college football or the most amazing leader of our time or eve the second coming of Jesus Christ… I am sorry (happy) to tell you that Tim Tebow has officially fallen from grace.

I was going to write an entire topic on how awesome it was to see the big baby cry, but my research led me to another topic. When I typed Tim Tebow into Google, it gave me the option: “Tim Tebow Crying.” I laughed at this and then went to Google Trends to find that after only 3 days, the #6 most searched topic is, in fact, “Tim Tebow Crying.”

(1st Side note: #1-5 all deal with Tiger Woods and his FOUR mistresses)
(2nd Side Note: #10 is Bryant Gumbel… WHAT?!?)

Since Google likes to give us all of these Search Suggestions, I decided to show our loyal readers some of the other things that our favorite athletes do that Google thinks we should look at:

Peyton Manning
Related Searches:
Peyton Manning Winning
Peyton Manning’s Brother
Peyton Manning Appearing on Every Commercial on Sundays

Allen Iverson
Related Searches:
Allen Iverson The Answer
Allen Iverson Practice
What Team is Allen Iverson on this Week

Charlie Weis
Related Searches:
Charlie Weis Choke Artist
Charlie Weis = Winner (HAHA)
Charlie Weis vs. Mark Mangino for the Fattest/Worst Coach of the Year

Toby Gerhart
Related Searches:
Toby Gerhart Underrated
Toby Gerhart MLB Draft
I don’t know who Toby Gerhart or Mark Ingram or Colt McCoy are because Tim Tebow is so much better than everything else in the whole world (Mostly searched by ESPN Analysts)

Lane Kiffin
Related Searches:
Lane Kiffin’s Wife
Lane Kiffin-Urban Meyer Fight
Lane Kiffin’s Great Judgment of Character

Korked Bats
Related Searches:
Korked Bats is so Flipping Awesome
Scary Black Men
A-Huff is so Flipping Awesome (Mostly Searched by Austin)

The only reason I threw the Scary Black Men reference in is because I searched Google for “Korked Bats” and that was one of the first images on the list. Looks like we are heading in the right direction, guys. Go Team!

One thought on “Google Is So Trendy

  • Avatar
    December 8, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    I am a big fan of the espn analyst joke. Great article Chip!


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