Good News For ’90s Kids: #GriffeyMonday’s Has Returned For The MLB Season

If there’s one professional athlete we love here at Korked Bats, it’s Derrick Henry. But if there’s TWO athletes we love? It’s Derrick Henry and Bartolo Colon. But if there’s THREE athletes we love? It’s Derrick Henry, Bartolo Colon, and George Kenneth Griffey Jr. Also known as the greatest player in the history of baseball. Don’t agree? Well, you can find yourself another dumb sports blog to read, because that’s what we believe. And it’s a fact we will be celebrating every Monday.

There’s nothing good about Monday’s right? Not anymore. They’re all good, because they’re now all Griffey.

A day, every week, to celebrate the Kid on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. So join us. If you wanna submit, feel free to do so. Just tag us or hashtag #GriffeyMonday.


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