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Good Colt/Bad Colt


Following up from an earlier post, it seems that there is something much more destructive than the Heisman curse. I like to call it the “Curse of the Colt” (pretty original, huh?). It seems that America’s favorite Baby Face must be putting up some bad karma in his life and he just can’t seem to get a break. Let’s look a little into this…

The Good:

  • Named “Colt”
  • Has a really hot girlfriend
  • Set 4 NCAA records including most wins by a Starting QB (44)
  • Once swam 300 yards across a lake to save a man’s life
  • Owns just about every piece of hardware a QB can receive (sans a Heisman)
    The Bad:

    • Lost to Texas Tech by a miracle Touchdown by Michael Crabtree causing Colt to both get screwed out of the 2008 Big XII Championship game, the National Championship, and the Heisman Trophy
    • Gets sacked four and half times by an Unpronounceable Defensive Tackle* in the 2009 Big XII Championship game causing him to lose the Heisman once again
    • Gets knocked out of the BCS Nat’l Championship game in a total of 5 plays
    • Draft stock PLUMMETS exponentially
    The Ugly:

    (Enough Said)

    I will admit, I have been a Colt McCoy fan since I first looked into those baby blue eyes (It was like the first time I heard the Beatles). Sure he may not be my favorite Texas Quarterback, but he has always been a class act and has carried this team upon his shoulders multiple times. Colt, you are a good kid and I know you will succeed in the NFL, but thanks to a couple bad breaks, you are going to be making a whole lot less money. All I can say is good luck, rookie.

    *The word “unpronounceable” is pretty unpronounceable.

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