Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Well Hello Korked Bats.

It’s been a whole month now.  You and me.  Me and you.

We have survived going public on the internet, Charlie Sheen, and the Madness of March.  I don’t want to assume too much, but I can’t wait for all of the things you probably have planned for the entire day.  Starting off with flowers and surprise coffee on my doorstep to it ending with some sort of steak dinner and a hockey game where the chances are high that there will be a kiss cam.  I’ll pretend like I didn’t see it coming.

Here’s to one more good month and then maybe you can start introducing me to your family.

Ladies of Korked Bats.

If you have found this website then you have officially arrived in the sports world.  Because, let’s be honest, this is the best sports blog that nobody reads.

When ESPN is calling us to host the ESPY awards and to interview the entire Duke Basketball team you will be like Usher finding Justin Bieber or like the people who downloaded ‘Where is the Love’ when the Black Eyed Peas were just what you ate on New Years for good luck.  This is a cool person to be.  The first people to watch the Rebecca Black video about how awesome Friday is, are now sitting in their group of friends somewhere saying, “you know I showed you that video first.”

So, please sit the men down in your life and show off just how ‘with it’ you are.

I’ve even taken the time to make it a little easier on you, just click on the following links to see some of what made me fall in love with Korked Bats to begin with…

Let Frank be Frank with you.

Reading Pro Athletes Text Messages.

If you like Alan Thicke and or Aerobics.

Mustaches are Funny.

Pre Shake Weight.

So here is your chance to not venture into the Ladies Room alone.  There’s a reason we have couches in our bathrooms, right ladies?  We have stuff to do.  We have things to discuss.  We have problems to solve.  Don’t hold back any longer.  Bring a friend.  Bring two.  This is the internet.  We have room.

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